Nerdapalooza Update GALORE!

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Howdy everyone!

As you may or may not have noticed yet, Nerdapalooza Southeast 2008 is well underway! This is also being called Nerdapalooza II, since the two Nerdapaloozas of last year (BETA and SE07) took place relatively close together. But enough history lessons... TO THE NEWS!!

As well as our already expansive roster, we have added LogicOne and MC Frontalot. YEAH! With peeps like Pixelh8, Front, a laundry list of the best nerdcore out there today, and amazing bands like Killer Robots, Select Start, and Zombies! Organize! this is pretty much going to be THE nerd show of the year!!

Also, effective... um... NOW! tickets are now on sale!! Head over to our Brown Paper Tickets account and purchase a ticket. For the entire weekend, it will only cost $25. There are a limited number of tickets available, and as it gets closer to the date, the prices will increase. I mean, $25 is less than a dollar per artist! BUY TODAY!!

It's also about time we introduce our sponsors that we have so far:

First and foremost, for those that were aware of INFO2k8 (Internet Nerd Family Outting), it has (once again) merged with Nerdapalooza! This time, according to the main man, Chozo, for permanents. In thanks for financially and organizationally helping us, we are adding him and his homey, MC Inadequate, to the roster of performers. ^_^

Next up, our amazing homies at A Comic Shop! These guys have been helping us since early on, especially with lining up other possible sponsors. They'll be setting up a comic kiosk at the show itself, so y'all will be able to get your fix from THE best comic shop in Orlando. Seriously. These guys party with Lloyd Kaufman during Megacon. 'Nuff said, bub.

Thirdly, we have an alliance to announce that has been in the works for a while. At least for now, is helping host all the info for Nerdapalooza (as is a little glitchy at the moment). In return, I'm doing some admin work for them. I'm excited just to be helping. ^_^

Last but DEFINITELY not least, our nerdcore comrades over at EMPulse Records. From the late nights helping me code to assistance that will take place day of for sound at the venue, these guys are some of the best nerds to have by your side. We're really honored to be working with them!! There's already talks of a confirmed partnership for Nerdapalooza 2009... but that's for a later blog. ;)

Well, that should be enough to have people smiling. ^_^ I'll be getting back to work. Got questions? Holla @ nerdapalooza AT gmail DOT com. Piece!