now youre playing with powar x: endgame by Temp Sound Solutions


This currently appears to be the final album currently available from temp sound solutions' Powar series. tss takes a handful of tracks from the soundtracks to some overlooked games, and tears them up in the way only this group can. From Ecco Jr to Garfield, expect the unexpected on this album, and expect to rock out to the unexpected as well.

Somehow I have covered most of temp sound solutions' Powar series. Yet, somehow, I missed out on the most recent one, now youre playing with powar x: endgame. I'm glad I scrolled on through the tss bandcamp page to rediscover this one. Much shorter track listing than some albums in the series, but the full live tss band is on display for the entire album as well. So if you multiply tracks by musicians, then it's even more incredible.

temp sound solutions’ 10th (technically 12th) video game tribute album is a full-band effort chronicling some of their favorite tunes from games remembered at the end of their respected systems cycles, lost or forgotten, or heavily revered songs that will always be remembered as being the top of the crop. while the future for these four souls may be unclear, one thing is certain: this is endgame.
— temp sound solutions