Diverse chiptune arrangements in the Risky Raftin'! OST from Stettes


Have you ever played the classic Game Gear title Risky Raftin'!? Well you sir are a filthy liar, because the only thing about this game that exists is the kick ass album by Stettes. Funky dance tracks, foreboding arrangements, and even a very nice spacey chiptune jam in Lunar Lake, my personal favorite track on this OST.

“Get ready for a Class 6 adventure!

The Wizard of Wipeouts himself, Dripmaster Von Dryspell, has stolen the mighty Rowblade, an ancient, mystical oar with the power to control the flux and flow of every current in the aquaverse!

Help Radical Ray and his pal, Orri the Orange Oar Otter, paddle battle their way through 10 action-soaked levels filled with divin’ dinos, jerky jet-skiers, splashy spiders, and much more! Then follow Dripmaster into the mysterious 11th Swimension to stop that drenched dastard once and for all!”
— Text from Risky Raftin'! retail box