Creeping chiptune metal in the Daemon9623 album, 'They Came From Beneath'

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A haunting collection of chiptunes from Daemon9623. Intense chiptune death metal that makes you feel likethose zombies are right behind you. I had the chance to meet the dude at MAGWest earlier this year, and, yes, he's a cool dude. 

Walking dead everywhere. Surrounded. Outnumbered. Hopeless.

That’s what this album should sound like. That is, if it all came screaming at you out of your Nintendo. After more than two years of blood, sweat, tears, and more blood, They Came From Beneath is a reality. Death metal that conforms (for the most part) to NES hardware limitations for chiptune glory. I can’t say much else about this album that isn’t already said in the track descriptions, but I’m glad it’s finally done and ready for people to enjoy.

I can’t thank everyone that helped me with this endeavor enough, but the list will help:
My wife, for giving me the drive to make more music and putting up with the bleeps, bloops and blastbeats I made her listen to. Norrin_Radd for his chiptune tutorial, his samples, his creativity and Anomaly. Bit_Rat for his style, his contribution and his concept album awesomeness. Travis Morgan for his motivation, his feedback, his ideas, and Sunken Colony. VikingGuitar for Death Slam and his hyper-metal albums. The Rocking Dead for their excellent vocal skills (Travis, Viking, TBoG, Rubber, and Satanplate; thanks to Battlerager for the name). Nate Horsfal (FoxxDragon) for his incredible artwork. Justin Tully for loaning me a microphone and letting me hijack his kitchen for the first round of vocals. Rushjet1 for creating RJDMC. Jace for Prizmatic Spray and Sky Burial. JMR for running Open Circuit on Arecibo Radio and playing a few preview tracks for me. I swear that if I forgot anyone I will add you, there’s just so many people that helped me!

And everyone else that inspired this album in so many ways:
George Romero, Robert Kirkman, Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, The Black Dahlia Murder, Deceased, Arch Enemy, Iron Maiden, Children of Bodom, At The Gates, Iced Earth, Bun Bun, H. Maezawa, Capcom, Konami, Valve, Twilight Creations Inc., Castlevania, The Faceless, Garth Ennis, In Thy Dreams, Slayer, Danny Boyle, Sam Raimi, Max Brooks and every other band or zombie-related piece of media that gave me the fuel to stir my creative juices.
— Daemon9623