Shmup chiptune album INSERT vol.2 - SOLAR SOLDIER by Prof. Sakamoto

After mentioning the latest in the Prof. Sakamoto Insert series of chiptune albums, I thought I'd go back and mention INSERT Vol.2 - SOLAR SOLDIER. This album is based exclusively on shmups and that is great.

his album is a concept album. Using sound chips of NES and Gameboy, Professor Sakamoto made a soundtrack of virtual retro shooting game “Solar Soldier”.
— Pro. Sakamoto

Listen to 'hacked' Streets of Rage OST 'STREET SAFER, GO! by HACKORDIE16

I'm trying to sort out all the strife happening in my mind due to this album. I've seen mods and hacks of video games proper. But a hack of an OST!? Apparently that is what the group HACKORDIE16 has done, warping the classic FM sounds that are the Streets of Rage OST into some kind of alternate earth vaporwave known as STREET SAFER, GO!. 

'Don't let the strange concept keep you up at night like it does me. Just get groove to the eerily familiar themes of a classic beat em up that may or may not exist in this reality (oh, it actually does exist, enjoy).

STREET SAFER, GO! is a homage both to SEGA’s golden age of game production and the musical genius of Yuzo Koshiro.

Streets of Rage - or ベアナックル 怒りの鉄拳 (Bare Knuckle: Furious Iron Fist) - is a seminal entry in the beat-em-up genre of the 16-bit era. Gsaurus has hacked this game over and over and over, and one such hack resulted in the present release, simply consisting in mathematically inverting the code for the original score’s note values.

Much to our surprise, Yuzo Koshiro’s 16 bit masterpiece still sounds great if played back “from the bottom up” :O Everything is different yet recognizable as the streets we remember beating up so many a punk in. Almost as if we’re in the same city but at a different time period.

So the original score is so good it still works if you turn it on its head - guess Yuzo Koshiro is the man!
Enjoy :)

MisfitChris' PSX inspired vaporwave EP 'Strawberry Disc One'

Check out this incredible fusion of PSX sounds, smooth grooves, and ambient sounds. MisfitChris lays down some ice cold grooves on this five track tribute to the Sony Playstation 1.

Future Cute is Playstation!

Produced by MisfitChris.
Artwork by Janice De la Cruz
— MisfitChris

Dreamcast vaporwave Pleasant Specter OST by Kobayashi Yamato


Kobayashi Yamato was the composer for a Dreamcast title Pleasant Specter, expected to launch sometime in 2000. Unfortunately, the game was cancelled due to disagreements with the game's financial backers, and the game was lost to the ether. 

The strangely nostalgic soundtrack of the game lives on though, thanks to Yamato self publishing the tracks via bandcamp as the Pleasant Specter OST. The album has an upbeat vibe reminiscent of Sega Dreamcast and arcade games of that era. 

This album also marks the first time I have heard the term 'vaporwave' and I am more than happy to absorb that into my music writing vernacular.

Listen to Level 3 Stage 0: Virtual City by Kobayashi Yamato

Dreamcast music released in the year 2014? Absolutely!

This is a track from Kobayashi Yamato from the unreleased Dreamcast game Pleasant Specter. The vaporware nature of the music gives it a certain haunting feeling even amidst the happy tones and movements.