New PSX inspired beat collection 'Press PLAYstation Instrumentals Mixtape' by DoughboyTheProducer

Doughboy puts it down again in a new beat tape completely dedicated to the 32 bit processing power of the Sony Playstation 1-4. We've got beats from Parappa, Spyro, Uncharted, Final Fantasy VII, a few Metal Gear Solid games, and so much more. Bob your head to this dope mix of new and classic game beats, and make sure you check out Doughboy on datpiff & soundcloud!

NEW instrumental mixtape including FIRE BEATS made with Classic Playstation Video Games ... DMV producer #doughboytheproducer presents the PRESS PLAYstation INSTRUMENTALS MIXTAPE...FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY i do this shit because i love this shit...i am a beatmaker with audio engineering goals living in VA, please visit my instagram page and get to know me because i want to be a professional music producer.
— DoughboyTheProducer