A twisted hip hop tribute to the original Playstation, 'Slay Ptation' by Zalenka

Chopped and diced beats from Legend of Dragoon, Tomb Raider, and Tecmo's Deception just to name a few disc based games featured here.

This is my creation and ‘ode to the good ‘ole days back when life was easy? And I could lounge about all day hunching my back close to the big screen tapping out buttons for hours on end, pretending to be involved in various fantasical worlds and adventures from the PLAYSTATION glory days. PS1, some of the best games and longest lasting RPG titles IMO But who gives a shit what I think, haha. Some originated on the PS1, some were brought to better light with the PS1’s capacities that let game developers grow and grow, look where we are now. Anyways I chopped/sampled/reversed/Plucked FX/REC voice snippets etc to create this mix-tape of instrumentals. All the FX and melodies, samples are pulled or derived from the games in parenthesis in some manner or other EXCEPT THE DRUM SAMPLES. I do not claim to own the rights to anything sampled here, nor have they been officially cleared. I just wanted to share some of my thoughts and sketches that come through my mind and take up its time and space during these latter years, not playing as much but the memories are so fresh. FRESH TO DEATH
Will remain free for first month then goes back to a few
— Zalenka