Collection of retrogaming hip hop beats in 'Nintend-oh Instrumentals' by doughboytheproducer

A dope collection of beats from DoughBoy The Producer. Classic NES and SNES beats to nod your head to. Smooth hip hop instrumentals from Donkey Kong Country, DuckTales, Castlevania, and plenty more!

Head over to the Nintendo-oh Instrumentals datpiff page to check out the album. Be sure to follow Doughboy on his SoundCloud page as well

I plan to bump quite a few of these tracks on the SUBCON podcast, so listen out for them on the show as well!

NEW Instrumentals Mixtape including HOT Beats made with CLASSIC Nintendo Video Games! DMV producer #doughboytheproducer presents the highly demanded “NINTEND-OH Instrumentals” Mixtape!...FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY
— Doughboytheproducer