c&sstockreports lays down thirty minutes of NAMCO remixes in tribute to Masaya Nakamura

It's a good thing I post about New Temp Sound Solutions / Shawn Phase once a month now, because that almost (but not quite) matches his musical output. I began temp sound solution Tuesdays in the apparently futile attempt to dig into the very, very extensive backlog of TSS albums I have never written about, or in some cases, even heard yet.

Shawn Phase lays down another c&sstockreports medley, which turns out to be the perfect format to pay tribute to the greats of gaming history. 

this is a tribute to masaya nakamura, the founder of the nakamura amusement machine manufacturing company/nammco. masaya passed away on january 22, 2017 at the age of 91. the announcement of his death was made by bandai namco on january 30, requesting respect for his family’s privacy. without him, some of what are hearing wouldnt have been possible. rest in peace.
— c&sstockreports