Treasure Buster Original Soundtrack is a love letter to Sega Genesis by Norrin_Radd

Norrin Radd drops an infectious collection of Sega Genesis FM chip based arrangements, 

This is Norrin_Radd meets Sega Genesis!

It is my humble pleasure to be able to present this album to all of you. I have to thank Reggie Schreiber for putting this project together and for letting me get *plenty* weird with the music. The entire soundtrack is written using accurate Sega Genesis 4OP FM synthesis, and accurate percussion.

Follow my ongoing series “Treasure Buster Composition Methods” on YouTube for an inside look at how all this crazy stuff was created and what my influences were.

And don’t forget to play the game! Reggie has outdone himself in every possible way and is a fantastic collaborator! Without him I wouldn’t have had the ability to dedicate 4 months making and paying tribute to Sega Genesis FM music!

Wondering what the big deal is about FM? Check out the #SummerOfFM

Artwork by Reggie Schreiber
— Matt Creamer Audio

Crime fighting chiptune soundtrack Hot Dog City 2: The Rise of Mustardo by NESMETAL

This time NESMETAL takes it to the streets. Mustardo threatens the city, and justice must be served! Sit back and imagine the many trials, bosses, and hidden paths that lie ahead of our protagonists while listening to an eclectic mix of upbeat, crime fighting chiptune sounds.


”I’ve always loved Yuzo Koshiro’s work on the Streets of Rage series (as well as the games themselves) and thought it would be fun to make my own soundtrack for a scrolling beat ‘em up.

So 10 years after Franklyn journeyed to Hot Dog City, I decided to throw him and his two friends, Reddy and Eggret into a city-wide brawl in an effort to stop Mayor Helmen (who is really the diabolical Mustardo) from destroying their beloved city.”

Disc 2 coming soon...
— PteSquad

Indie game chiptune soundtrack 'Halloween Forever' by bc likes you

More month late Halloween creepiness coming your way! This one was a game / soundtrack that was recommended to me a while back (on Halloween, geez guys, come on). At least this one is called 'Halloween Forever' so to be fair, I could post it any time of the year.

This is the soundtrack to Halloween Forever, a game made by Pete Lazarski. Definitely check it out and pick up a copy!

Get the game here -

Check out Pete’s work here -

All tracks written by bc likes you except Mystic Ruins, Spooky Church, and Porphyry Palace written by bc likes you, Kate Shannon, and Mike Shannon.
— bc likes you

Listen to some haunting jazz blues from the Costume Quest 2 soundtrack

Listen to '"French Quarter" from the Costume Quest 2 soundtrack. The game is available now on all major platforms. It's not often I hear some incredible New Orleans jazz in a video game, so this is a major event for me. When I came upon this section of the game, I definitely had flashbacks to Grim Fandango, which makes sense, as Peter McConnell is the composer for both games. 

Weird Music: Henry Hatsworth and classic opera scenes in gaming history

In the latest episode of Weird Music, ReZonance takes on Henry Hatsworth, and a very niche genre of video game music, opera. From the classic moment in Final Fantasy VI, to a very different kind of classic moment in Conker's Bad Fur Day for the N64. ReZonance then introduces fans to an opera scene that might not be quite so familiar, that of 2009 DS title, Henry Hatsworth and the Puzzling Adventure. Which of the three does ReZonance think stands above the rest? Enjoy the video to find out.

Youtube description for Weird Music: Henry Hatsworth and classic opera scenes in gaming history

Published on Aug 22, 2013


When you think of Video game music, i'm sure Operas don't really come to mind. There's a few good Operas out there, but the Great Mighty Poo comes to mind most often...unfortunately. Well here's another ridiculous chunk of video game music that is another outstanding Opera piece. 


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Staring/Written/Edited by Nate Moore

Intro song covered by Andrew Virgin

ReZonence is where you go for video game soundtracks. I've always loved the music in video games, and reviewing them is my way to show my appreciation, and spread my love of gaming music.

Jesse Bishop - Aeternum OST

The line between video game influenced music and straight up video game music is becoming more and more blurry. This is no reason to complain though, because many of the VG inspired musicians I enjoy are the ones making video game music to inspire a new generation of VGM fans. Jesse Bishop does this very thing in composing the music for XBL indie game Aeternum. Fight evil armies with these chiptuned bullet hell instrumentals.

Got to mention that I love the musical cephalopod artwork. I wonder if this deep sea drummer is looking to join a band.

Inverse Phase - Shuttle Scuttle OST released

In the midst of a secret chiptune show at MAGFest X, Brendan Becker aka Inverse Phase fired his 8-bit cylinders for the crowd and brought along copies of his Shuttle Scuttle OST. The video game score was conceived for a space shooter developed in the style of NES titles of yore. This made it perfect for Brendan's compelling chip work, which ties everything into a beautifully nostalgic package. The soundtrack is available now on his Bandcamp page, and the game itself can be found as an iOS title at

Shantae: Risky's Revenge Original Soundtrack release by Jake Kaufman and WayForward

Just watch that video up above! All done? Alright, I have just gotten word from Jake 'virt' Kaufman that this amazing soundtrack is available to download right now over at the official page at Big Lion Music. The album consists of the 29 tracks from the upcoming WayForward game Shantae: Risky's Revenge, as well as an extra special bonus remix, rounding out the album to 30 tracks and an hour of catchy dance tunes.

I hope to give a full review on the album soon, but for now I just want to tell everyone of this breaking news, as well as remind everyone to prepare to download the brand new chapter in Shantae's adventures on the DSi this October 4th. Judging by the amazing WayForward games of the past, and the dedication these developers have shown to Shantae, this highly anticipated sequel is sure to please any and all fans of classic platforming action!

Monster Hunter 3 Tri Original Soundtrack giveaway

For those of you who missed it, we recently reviewed the Monster Hunters 3(Tri) Original Soundtrack from Capcom and Sumthing Else Music Works. Well we are now giving away the copy of MH3(Tri) I received for review. This two disc album has over two hours of orchestrated sounds from the world of Monster Hunter 3, composed by Yuko Komiyama, Tadayoshi Makino, Masahiro Aoki, and Akiyuki Morimoto. Be sure to read our review for a more in depth look at the album, or check out the album yourself over at The official page at Sumthing Else Music Works.

There are three ways to enter this giveaway.

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From all these entries, we will select one person to receive the prize of a copy of the Monster Hunters 3(Tri) Original Soundtrack. You can enter all three methods once per day. The contest will conclude on Saturday, October 9th, 2010. Winners will be contacted via Twitter, Email, or Facebook after the contest ends. Winners must respond by one week after being contacted or the prize will be forfeited and a new winner chosen.

Also note, if you leave a comment here, please be sure to enter an email address which you check regularly!

Now good luck and get commenting!

Konjak - Legend of Princess indie game soundtrack release

Thanks to the ever vigilant folks over at Nobuooo I recently learned of both an awesome soundtrack and game by the name of Legend of Princess. What we have here is a simple, but fun Zelda inspired side scrolling platformer created by Joakim Sandberg AKA Konjak. Both the game and soundtrack are available via the appropriate page on his website. What sets this PC title apart from other 2D platformers is the interesting use of weapons and how they shape the difficulty and layout of the stage, so even though the game is quite short, the replay value is huge.

As you start the game, you will be asked to choose two secondary weapons of varying difficulty. You can see the Zelda influences in the items as well, such as bombs, arrows, and a feather for jumping. Each item even has it's own difficulty rating, from the beginners boomerang to the noble chicken. Now if you are anything like me, you will gladly be taking different weapon combinations into the game to see what changes and what stays the same throughout the level.

Then there is the graphics, which I definitely found myself enjoying as I explored. The art of the game is a clear homage to SNES era graphics, and specifically Link to the Past, but adds it's own artistic flair through it's more stylized sprites and movements. I could go on about this game at some length, but you can simply experience it yourself, as the game is free to download. Today we are focusing on the (also free to download) soundtrack for the game.

The Legend of Princess soundtrack kicks off with a pompous introduction, which leads to a somber piano track to set the mood for the game. As the Title fades out, we get a catchy refrain for the Menu which really hints at the Zelda influence in the opening notes. The Stage theme has some more enchanting call backs to classic Zelda compositions, but still maintains a wholly original air about it as you fight and jump your way through the level.

A funky battle cry is heard as we reach the Miniboss, a catchy eastern piece that gets the heart racing and ready for combat. Though I may be mistaken, I believe we hear some more SNES inspired influences as well in the desolate and extravagant Battle Themes 1 & 2 respectively.

The album comes to a close, portraying the result of the only two outcomes of any game. We hear the Death jingle first, a short reprise of piano for a fallen hero. Afterwards we hear the lively grooves of the Saved music. This track ends the soundtrack with a catchy theme like movement that definitely remains in your head well after the notes have ended.

I was pleasantly surprised to find this game recently, and have been enjoying both the game and soundtrack since. If you haven't yet, head over to and grab both right now! I do expect to hear more from this fellow in the future too, as it looks like his game Noitu Love 2: Devolution was just recently picked up by Golgoth Studios to be released on WiiWare. I hope to be writing about that game soon as well, since, if the trailer is to be believed, it is going to be something amazing.

Monster Hunter 3 Tri Original Soundtrack review

The sun shines overhead, you take a deep breath and prepare yourself for another peaceful day of farming, sheep herding, and various other simple daily tasks. Suddenly, the sun turns to shade, and overhead you see the endless trail of wings darkening the sky as a monstrous scaled beast soars effortlessly across the sky. This is the world of Monster Hunter. Then there is the music that echoes behind you as these monsters streak across the sky, stalk the land, and periodically lurch out from the ocean's depths.

More specifically, we are listening to the recently released soundtrack of Monster Hunter 3 Tri. I assume many are familiar with the beast fighting, resource gathering world of Monster Hunter, and this newest iteration, which was released on the Wii earlier this year. The album, obviously enough called Monster Hunter 3 Tri Original Soundtrack was recently released in the US from Capcom and Sumthing Else Music Works. The music itself is best described as a worldly orchestral style symphony. Composed by Yukko Miyama and Tadayo Shimakin, with a handful of additional arrangements by Akiyuki Morimoto, and Masahiro Aoki. It has all the normal trappings of symphonic albums, alongside intriguing rural instrumentation. In many songs you will hear from simple flutes and heavy percussion, as well as acoustic guitars, xylophones, and more. The album certainly sets itself apart from many western soundtracks with it's leanings towards more playful moods, as well as the clear influences from the music of several cultures.

The album kicks off with the over the top opening theme. Monster Hunter 3(Tri) softly begins, swelling into an adventurous fanfare surrounded by heavy percussion and snappy horns. The production value and adventurous nature set up the rest of the album well, as we travel through the fields, oceans, and mountains of the game. Each track evokes the moods and themes very well. Songs like Village to the Sea, Moga, bring a serene, small ocean town feel to them with the soft strums and sweeps of the instruments. We also hear the tense movements of monster hunting in Usurper of the Deserted Island / GreatJaggi with it's rushed violins and suffocatingly quick notes which can easily get your heart rate going with a short listen. I like to point out this track as well, because I am quite a fan of the way the strings swirl around each other in this piece.

There are also more playful and upbeat arrangements, such as The Sprouting Farm, that creates a carefree festival mood in it's bouncing wind instruments and gentle rhythms. Some tracks, such as the short jingle, Well Cooked~3(Tri)Version, are so playful as to be a bit absurd, as is the case with several of the short jingles that are spaced through out the album. For a soundtrack with 52 songs to it's name, it was surprising to see the amazing length to many of the tracks. As mentioned before the album is two discs. It spans a little north of two hours worth of music as well.

The first disc comes to a close with the eclectic sounds of Everlasting Words, the only track with singing on this collection. From there we move into the rousing track To One With Life, an upswell of music creates an enlivening song that really drives home the idea outlined in the notes. The ecosystem, and the interconnectedness of life. The themes and music of this soundtrack revolve around that idea, and it is certainly something to keep in mind as you listen through the main pieces of the album.

Disc two starts out in a far more subdued manner with the rhythmic but simple pulse of The Great Desert Post, Loc Lac. We hear more soothing town like themes across the beginning of the second disc in this manner. It really sets a great variety between the discs, as if one was for monster hunting, and this second disc is for the relaxing nights safely walking about town. Disc two really stands out when it reaches the samba flair of Cazador Del Monstruo, a catchy track filled with a very distinct style on the album, and a pleasant surprise to hear.

On the whole the second disc has a lot more fun, laid back themes, with titles like Even Hunters Want to Dance, and A Moment of Rest, you can imagine the soothing melodies you'll hear. Although this disc is the calmer of the two, it still ends with two raucous ending tracks. Triumphant Song is a flowing parade of music, gently weaving and ducking along. Testamanet of a Hero/3(Tri)Version brings the soundtrack to it's grand finale, and does it with all the pomp it ought to finish it with. The piece thunderously builds and soars, offering a reprise to the game, and album's opening theme. The song builds to an abrupt but satisfying end. We are at a close.

Monster Hunters 3(Tri) hosts a ton of music, well orchestrated and easy to listen to. The album is quite diverse in influences which is a breath of fresh air compared to games who tend to focus on one style throughout an entire soundtrack. The two discs are also arranged in an interesting way, so that they each have their own musical vibe to them, with the first disc having more of the triumphant main themes, while the second disc, as mentioned, lies back with more eclectic and relaxed orchestrations. I think the album is well worth a listen for fans of orchestral music, and the Monster Hunters series. I, being the former, and not the latter, enjoyed the album quite a bit myself from that perspective.

If you order a physical copy of the album, you'll be presented with some nice casing. The back and inserts are worn brown, like an ancient artifact, and helps evoke the mood of ancient monster hunting. Unfortunately the cover doesn't follow the same aesthetic, and has an okay, but clashing blue cover which I would have enjoyed in more of the faded cave painting style of the rest of the art. The CD also comes with a short piece of liner notes from the composers and creators of the game, which is a very nice addition. I also want to add that the bright pink CD art stands out nicely against the neutral browns of the inlay as well, and would definitely make an awesome Monster Hunters shirt if Capcom is listening.

The album is available to purchase as both a physical CD as well as a digital download over at the Monster Hunter 3 Tri Original Soundtrack page at Sumthing Distribution.

Note: This album was sent to GM4A from Sumthing Digital as a free review copy.

Pterodactyl Squad release Bit_Rat's Ant Attack OST

Hot on the heels of Bit_Rat's already critically acclaimed Test Subject album comes the Ant Attack OST - the original soundtrack to a game for the iPhone released in October last year by Broken Kings, where Bit_Rat is part of the development team.

Pterodactyl Squad presents the original soundtrack to Ant Attack, a NES-style action/arcade game developed by Broken Kings for the iPhone. Written by Bit_Rat, who also handled all art responsibilities on Ant Attack, this release includes two unreleased tracks not to be found in the game.

"Ant Attack brings you to the forefront of the battle against the world's bugs!

All that you want to do is to have an innocent picnic, but the smell of food is just too much for the nearby ant nests to resist! Wave after wave of ants come to try and eat your food. Stop them by squishing them with your finger!

Advanced Ant-Combatant technology has been developed for your use - merely drag them onto the screen to purchase them!

FEATURES: -9 enemy types -5 traps to purchase -3 levels in each of 2 different game modes -Classic NES/Arcade style graphics and audio"

Go download the soundtrack for free over at the release page on

New release from NESMETAL on Pterodactyl Squad

Pterodactyl Squad have just released the first part of a brand new faux soundtrack by NESMETAL, Ordimary Nan. Ordimary Nan artwork

Ordimary Nan was a concept for an RPG game born from the mind of NESMETAL, and then developed into a deep storyline and soundtrack. The whole storyline for the tracks on this release will soon be made available on, but for now, enjoy the music of Ordimary Nan OST [Disc 1] and look forward to Discs 2 and 3.