Temp Sound Solutions - new live tracks and show footage

This picture was taken from an amazing weekend of recent Temp Sound Solutions shows. For those who were unable to witness the amazing sets though, Shawn Phase has you covered. He has recently released live recordings from the show, you can download the entire May 29th show at the Talking Head through this link to Beatbots. The awesomeness doesn't stop there though. TSS has also added more free songs to his own server on Hotdog Storm. Oh no, but wait! If that isn't enough Temp Sound Solution related madness, also head over to the TSS myspace page for some brand new exclusive songs such as a cover from Alex Mauer's Vegavox 2 album! Now we finish all this off with what else but some amazing footage of Shawn Phase and TSS's recent performance!

Also should mention that you should keep your eye out for the upcoming TSS release now your playing with powar 9: for all the ladies in their cars. You have been warned.