Alternate reality Mega Man, the Super Marcato Bros Mega Buster Soundtrack


Another 'Inspired by' type album. I have to wonder if there is a slightly catchier name for this type of VGM. Sadly, words fail me. Fortunately, this Super Marcato Bros release can cure any blues with their patented funk jazz brand of alternate dimension Mega Man soundtrack.

This is a complete soundtrack as well, with songs for a variety of new villains such as Vector Woman and Electrode Man. The greatest part of the soundtrack is the moment the  blue bomber storms the evil Dr Billy's castle. No i did not mistype.

Much like my favorite track from Mega Man 2, the ending theme, I am elated to say that the finale of Mega Buster also finds a place in my heart with it's sudden turn into an upbeat, celebratory dance track. This falls easily in line with my idea that there is a giant party after the hero saves the day. I mean, why wouldn't there be?

Grab the full, 16 track 'OST' for a measly $3.99 from the Super Marcato Bros. Bandcamp.