(T-T)b release chiptune punk rock single 'Cruise'

First track from upcoming Pizza Planet EP, out January 6th on Pterodactyl Squad.

Listen to the stellar new track from Boston based chiptune punk rockers (T-T)b, and please don't ask me how to pronounce that. I am now sincerely looking forward to this release, as I have had quite the craving for some upbeat yet spacey chip rock compositions to get down to. of course, the chiptune solo breakdown that closes out the track solidifies this track in my mind. I want to equate this tune with some classic space beats from Comptroller,  due to the catchy yet complex arrangements. The interplay between the NES and other instruments is also so seamless I forget I'm hearing a mix of live and synth instruments. 

This track, along with (T_T)b's Pizza Planet EP come out January 6th for free download via Pteradactyl Squad.