Almost 20 minutes of epic metal Mega Man music by ThePlasmas

Hard hitting guitar, driving double pedal drums, and everything else metal all in tribute to the very much made out of metal Blue Bomber. Take a moment out of your day to rock out to this epic medley of Mega Man themes.

Chief Takinawa drops VG & anime inspired hip hop mixtape, Hannya

You're having hip hop beats for breakfast, that's what!

This is some hot new jams from an up and coming favorite of mine, DJ Chief Takinawa. I've been repping this guys jams since I ran across a hot MvC2 beat on his instragram page a few years back. 

Hannya tears things up quick and dirty with some eclectic hip hop beats that stretches from industrial to smooth jazz, and all with a clear influence from video games and Japanese culture. That would include remixes from Tekken and the Mega Man Zero series.

The 20 minute EP is getting repeated listens on my end. And for those with very little time on their hands, the album also includes a ten minute mini mix of the album tracks. I believe this is the first full, cohesive project I have heard from Takinawa, and it definitely gets me hyped with some great drum fills and driving beats. Expect me to be bumping this on future SUBCON podcast episodes.

Hannya EP is the amalgamation and embodiment of Takinawa Productions as a whole,while also being a tribute to the many different forms of media that it was inspired by including video games, anime, and more. Having a slightly darker undertone than usual, this EP is sure to display Chief Takinawa’s best work to date.
— Chief Takinawa

Asis Galvin, PMC, and Raisi K - Megaman 3 OST​-​R Mixtape

You aren't just dealing with a mega man, but a group of mega men. Asis Galvin gathers PMC and Raisi K to bring you a mixtape remixing the entirety of the Mega Man III soundtrack into head bobbing hip hop beats. Get lost in the rhythm and bounce as you teleport to the next evil lair to defeat that insidious evil doctor for the last time.

NEScapism II: NEScaper! The Electric Witch returns with intense video game soundscapes

The Witch is back. 

Zac Bentz, AKA The Electric Witch has returned with a followup nearly three years in the making with his sequel to NEScapism, which was released (and blogged about) back in 2012. Rich re-imaginings of music from Contra, Mega Man, Shadowgate, Final Fantasy, and Ultima Exodus are all included on the album for the full price of one dollar.

The Mega Man track may be the most robotic version of MM music I have ever heard, and it's wonderful. Then there is the nearly ten minute Contra remix to close the album. The remix is far less metal than most takes on the soundtrack. Instead EW uses surreal sounds and discomforting sound effects to create the haunting soundscape of an earthwide invasion of space aliens. An incredible, if uncomfortable ending to a great album.

Hopefully The Electric Witch will find time to release another sequel in the future.

NEScapism II: NEScaper! is the second in a series of sleepy little love-letters to the video games I grew up with. The games whose music meant just as much to me, if not more, as the escapism they provided my isolated imagination. These are the songs that I would let play over and over, ignoring whatever might have been happening on-screen. Letting them loop and spiral outward. I’ve tried to capture that feeling on this album, adding my own inner echoes.
— The Electric Witch

Inafune week begins with a soulful remix of music from Mega Man Legends

This week GM4A pays tribute to Keiji Inafune by playing some of our favorite remixes based on his extensive list of games

This track is a heartfelt remix of Mega Man Legends by Shiyru, a VGM remixer who dropped off the internet about two years ago. Is he still making music? Does he still love Mega Man Legends? Only Shiyru knows.

I am a diehard Mega Man Legends fan. I played the original to completion and was in awe that Mega Man was lovingly brought into the 3D world with as much care as Super Mario or Legend of Zelda, and continue to firmly hold Mega Man on that triumvirate of classic 2D games that made the leap to 3D in near perfect fashion.

As a very broke man, I did not donate money to Inafune and Comcept's Mighty No. 9 Kickstarter campaign, BUT, if Inafune feels the need to fund raise for a 'Mighty No. 9 Legends' I will spend far more money than a fiscally responsible person should to help that happen.

Are you still hoping for a Mega Man Legends 3? or perhaps a Mighty No. 9 Legends???

Alternate reality Mega Man, the Super Marcato Bros Mega Buster Soundtrack


Another 'Inspired by' type album. I have to wonder if there is a slightly catchier name for this type of VGM. Sadly, words fail me. Fortunately, this Super Marcato Bros release can cure any blues with their patented funk jazz brand of alternate dimension Mega Man soundtrack.

This is a complete soundtrack as well, with songs for a variety of new villains such as Vector Woman and Electrode Man. The greatest part of the soundtrack is the moment the  blue bomber storms the evil Dr Billy's castle. No i did not mistype.

Much like my favorite track from Mega Man 2, the ending theme, I am elated to say that the finale of Mega Buster also finds a place in my heart with it's sudden turn into an upbeat, celebratory dance track. This falls easily in line with my idea that there is a giant party after the hero saves the day. I mean, why wouldn't there be?

Grab the full, 16 track 'OST' for a measly $3.99 from the Super Marcato Bros. Bandcamp.

Listen to Temp Sound Solutions' mega man 2 woodman (feat. mr. pacman)

This song by Temp Sound Solutions is several of my favorite things. My favorite woodman cover, my favorite TSS song from my favorite TSS album, and the most in your face hard rocking Mega Man anthem I've yet to hear.

Full length funk rock album from Mutherpluckin' B - The Mushroom Variety Show


Unbelievable free flowing funk rock jazz blues from the one and only, my favorite, and should be yours too, Mutherpluckin' B!

This album was years in the making and doesn't disappoint. Thirteen tracks of some of the funkiest VG remixes in the world. The album is masterfully formed into one master track as each individual song blends seamlessly with the next. Before you even know it, you've gone from the sewers of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to the music of Mega Man and Super Mario.

I really can't get enough of this album, and I certainly hope to have the chance to write more on both this album and MPin' B in the future!

Unfortunately, this impeccable album can not be embeded. You can listen to the full album streaming on MPin' B's site. So you aren't empty handed though, I have uploaded the opening track, "Flyin' High (part 1)" from this phenomenal album.

Watch Levar Allen's music video for his rearrangement of the title theme of Mega Man 3


Classy rock remix of the classic opening music to Mega Man III. Along with the video, the track has a very spacious, arena rock style to it.

Youtube is a place I've sorely neglected over my years of VGM searching, mostly due to a sitewide focus on albums rather than singles. I'm glad the site redesign has made it possible to share more amazing videos from great talent like Levar Allen on this site.

Weezer + Mega Man = The Teal Album by Ramyn King

Front artwork

Pterodactyl Squad continue a summer of awesome released with Ramyn King's The Teal Album.

It's been five summers since Pterodactyl Squad released Weezer - The 8-bit Album, a landmark chiptune tribute. Now it's time for the Squad to pay tribute to the same band once again, this time with an outstanding seven-track EP from Ramyn King. Fusing the musical and lyrical stylings of old-school Weezer with melodies from the Mega Man series, The Teal Album is truly something special - 50% Weezer, 50% Mega Man, 100% rad.

Mega Man 9 – Rockin' Sockin' Cinder Blockin' EP released

The forums at OverClocked ReMix recently released Rockin' Sockin' Cinder Blockin', a tribute EP of the Concrete Man theme from Mega Man 9. Directed by DarkeSword, the release features many regulars in the arrangement community such as Flexstyle, Sir NutS, Rexy, Neblix and The Coop. The idea of putting together an EP came about the day after OC ReMix released the Mega Man 9 album Back in Blue; due to an oversight, Concrete Man was left out of that release. With an initial deadline of a week, remixers were free to submit their takes on Concrete Man for evaluation to be included in the new EP. The result is impressive and a testament to the talent of the community under DarkeSword's guiding hand.

OverClocked ReMix presents Mega Man tribute album Back in Blue

Today OC ReMix released Back in Blue, a Mega Man 9 remix album. The release was directed by Dustin "k-wix" Kulwicki and features 14 artists producing 18 arrangements. It is OCR's seventh album this year, 27th overall, and their first release dedicated to an individual Mega Man title. As can be expected, the album features several heavyweights from the community such as bLiNd, Cyril the Wolf, DarkeSword, Joshua Morse, Mazedude, Rexy and Sixto Sounds. 2011 has been a great year for video game arrangement projects so far, thanks in part to the high quality standard that OCR is known for.

Week in Video Game Inspired Music 5/10 - 5/16

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In news this week, I think the biggest thing is Events, events, events! Looks like the guys at Nerdapalooza have announced a ton more artists. Same goes for the east coast rockers at Bit Gen Gamer Fest. Finally I am glad to announce our own show next month in Los Angeles. WEST COAST WIGOUT 2! You can find more details, including grab some presale tickets through this link. Now onto the news!

Chiptuned Rockman composer interviews

Rockin' In the Bleep World - Musicians on Chiptuning Mega Man from Jeriaska on Vimeo.

Just recently Jeriaska of uploaded the above video from the recent Tokyo Game Show in where a handful of the remixers from the Chiptuned Rockman album, which was released at TGS, discuss their work on the album. The album is an amazing collection of Megaman (Rockman in japan of course) tracks remixed in classic NES style from both VG composers as well as chiptune musicians like Virt, Saskrotch, and chibi-tech. If you can hunt down the album, it is definitely worth a listen!

Also for more music news that came out of TGS this year, check out Jeriaska's post from earlier this month on GameSetWatch.

The Adventures of Duane and Brando - Mega Man 2 music video

My grand buddy Legendary Wizard of the Legendary Hip Hop blog has made me aware of the always impressive VG Rock/Rap hybrid group The Adventures of Duane and Brando (who are also our band of the month for February) having released an awesome new video for a remake of their song MEGA MAN 2. Be sure to check out the video below, then hit them up on their myspace for some kudos on the epic production!