I would like to introduce you to the first post on the newly redesigned Game Music 4 All. We have left the shackles of blogspot behind and started anew with this wordpress design you see here. There are quite a few big changes here and I would like to take this chance to point out all the new sounds and sites that this redesign holds. First off I am sure you see the amazing new header, as well as background and a few more cool designs here and there (like that pleasant little octorok over on the right that implores you to subscribe to our RSS). These all come courtesy of fantastic artist and friend Nyno. She spent quite a bit time coming up with something we both really love and feel represents the site. I hope you find those aesthetic changes as eye catching and pleasing as I do.

From there I want to point out the bars on the menu up above. We got your requisite Home, About, and Contact pages of course. But check out those other two. GM4A Records? That's right! Us at GM4A have finally took the next step forward in our evolution and created a label to host not only our compilations, but also other amazing musicians that I believe make incredible VG Inspired Music and more. This is the first place I suggest you go on your tour of the site. You can find out what artists we have on board already as well as grab our past GM4A Compilations if you haven't already. Be sure to check back often too, since we hope to release new albums and bring on new artists on a regular basis!

Next up is the GM4A Projects page. Now what exactly could that encompass? Well Game Music 4 All has it's hands in many pies, figuratively of course (sometimes literally). I am glad to say I contribute content to other great sites, and if you look under GM4A Projects you can see what those sites are and become fans of them as well. Not only that, but we present the well needed resurrection of the project that started it all, the Video Game Inspired Band List! For those who haven't been with us since our inception back as a mere myspace page, GM4A's first claim to fame was a repository of links for folks to be able to find many great VG inspired musicians and artists from all over the internet. Sadly that project was overshadowed as I worked harder to bring you the most recent news from the VGM community. I hope we have done a good job of that over the past few years, but I am glad to say we have now recreated an even better working list of VGIM groups which includes links, genres, and locations of each of these bands. We hope to continue expanding and refining it as time goes on, but definitely give it a spin, and especially let me know what great artists still need to be added.

After that we got the spiffy relocating of the events calendar to it's own section. I and many others will work hard to keep the list up to date with the latest VGM shows wherever they happen. We have also integrated the calendar with other sites like Rhymetorrents.org and plan on working with even more to create maximum exposure for live acts and the great shows they put on. If you would like to help with the calendar project head over to the page and read up on just how you can do that.

Finally we come to the BRAND NEW FORUMS. If you have been with GM4A long enough you will remember that we once had some forums around our inception, but sadly they were not too active. But after a good while of growing for our site I think it is a good time to bring back the forums and help gather and foster the VGIM community. Not to mention a great place to organize future GM4A endeavors and receive feedback. So head over to the forums and sign up right now!

Now we look at the left and right columns, if you were a frequenter of our former Blogspot address you may find that things have more or less stayed the same here, but you will notice that things are more streamlined than before. You will find them less bulky but still filled with as much info as ever before. On the left side you will find a ton of great links to other fantastic resources for VGM, chiptunes, nerdcore and more. They are all worth perusing sometime and also adding to your feeds and bookmarks or digging through for great music. Over on the right side we kick things off with the requisite search bar, you know what to do with that one. Below that is contact info if you ever want to get in touch with me quickly about any breaking news! We have our lovable Octorok mascot below that, letting you know how our RSS feed is doing, and convincing you to subscribe as well. Then we have the Now Playing! feature. This piece will be constantly updated with GM4A Records' latest releases as well as a music player to provide you with full tracks from different albums to get a feel for the amazing albums around these parts.

I thank you for taking the jump with me over to this new site, and I hope you will find it more eye catching and informative than ever! Be sure to update your links to us and this is a great time to join in on the comments and tell your friends about our site!