The J. Arthur Keenes Band - Pamplemousse album release

From the icy depths of Canada comes “Pamplemousse”, a loving tribute to the noble grapefruit. The J. Arthur Keenes Band skillfully mixes the rhythms of their native Ontario with modern sounds in this fun-filled, action-packed romp for the whole family.

OK I am not sure if Ontario has their own native rhythms. That is the official statement from Pause and I assume they are sticking with it. Pamplemousse by The J. Arthur Keenes Band does create an amazing sonic arrangement, compiling several genres together which are at times reminiscent of folk, blues, ska, shoegaze and more. All this is wrapped in a fine layer (or skin, much like the mighty grapefruit) of chiptune sounds and pleasing vocals. I currently have this album on repeat ever since downloading it. Much like every other Pause release, this one is an interesting new take on chiptunes, not to mention grapefruit.