GM4A turns Four!

What with all the hustle (and/or bustle) going on in the last month I completely forgot that today is the 4th anniversary of this here site. I think that just about makes us officially internet old! I could list a ton of things the site has been able to accomplish over the years, but that's pretty bland, and to me isn't the main reason I work on this site.

The thing that keeps me working on this site, what keeps me interested in logging onto my computer every day and looking for new albums and news, is simply the amazing attitude and comradery of the video game inspired music community. From the most acclaimed musicians down to the fledgling nobodies, this community contains a passion and kindness that I can't believe can ever be surpassed. I've made lifetime friends that I have now known for years, and continue to meet new amazing and excited people all the time. It's just hard to believe it's been four years since I met some of you as a fan, and now as a writer.

Even that much, after four years of writing at least one post every week (sometimes less, but usually far more) I finally almost feel comfortable with calling myself a 'writer'. I feel like I have grown a lot along with this site in many ways, don't worry I won't get all sappy about that though.

Basically I'll keep this one brief. I would like to thank everyone who has continued to support this site since it's inception in such a myriad of ways. From merely chatting with me in message boards to actively redesigning this site into the awesomeness it is today. Thank you all very much. Your passion is highly contagious and helps me gladly write something new every day for this site, and without that support this website would have faded away long ago.

With that said, I would like to announce that this party will be going all month. We'll be having several guest bloggers posting this month with their memories of VGM as well as GM4A and I for one am definitely looking forward to it, and I hope you folks are too!

Feel free to wish the site and I a happy birthday this weekend at VGS or Nullsleep's LA show, or June 15th at West Coast Wigout 2! Also feel free to toss a few donations for server and travel fees over there on the right side bar if you are feeling especially generous.