Rico Zerone - Quick Freeze EP release

Stealthy yet funky chiptune netlabel Disconinjaz return alongside Rico Zerone to bring you the lo-fi claps and synths of Quick Freeze available now for free download.

The album contains three catchy arcade style tunes that you can bump in your car as easily as your rocketship. Opening title track, Quick Freeze, takes you on a laud back adventure through space. Level 13 hits you with a simple track that sounds like someone is bounding along the lunar surface in their new sports car. Final track Observing You sounds much like an upbeat but daunting showdown between you and your biggest rival. That's not all though, also on the album is a B-Side version of Quick Freeze called Quick Freeze (Balearic Extended Mix by Owen Meyers and Dimitry Ghost). As the title suggests, this track is a lengthy cut of the title track, ably remixed by Owen Meyers and Dimitry Ghost.

This is quite the catchy track, especially for fans of early 90's Japanese arcade music (like me!), as it seems to hit those same cords with it's simple yet enthusiastic stylings. Head over to the Disconinjaz page to download the EP!