Superpowerless - Buttonmash Boy Beta EP Version & Moonwalker EP releases

Recently the lovable UK chiptune megastar Superpowerless sent over a preview copy of his latest album. Well that album is finally out, and available to the masses at large! I would like to introduce you to the Scrub Club Records release of the Buttonmash Boy Beta EP Version. The four track EP contains new, unreleased, and remastered tracks to take in and enjoy. I especially recommend the incredibly catchy work of the remastered track Ghost, which is far and away my favorite track on this EP. Catchy vocals along with the always catchy chips and guitars Superpowerless brings to the table create a highly memorable, head infecting tune that you will be singing to yourself for some time.

Following that we also have Superpowerless' release of Moonwalker: An 8 Bit Michael Jackson tribute. The backstory on this one, is that, after hearing of Michael Jackson's passing, Superpowerless set to work crafting some fine 8 bit tributes to the man. He has now collected his covers (Billie Jean, Thriller, Beat It, and Smooth Criminal) and released them for everyone's enjoyment. Definitely check out this EP for some great chiptune rock covers of classic Michael Jackson songs.