hiphopmcdougal - Songs for the Internet and Time Circuits On EP releases

Recently, the amazingly catchy nerdcore rapper hiphopmcdougal released his latest EP, known as Songs for the Internet. The album is available for free release through his latest myspace blog. The album is seven songs about nerdy topics ranging from asking for internet donations, to Star Wars, and Sega. Definitely very catchy stuff (check my for how much I have been bumping him lately) from a slightly lesser known musician in the world of nerdcore.

A slightly older release of his came out very recentlt as well. The Time Circuits On EP, which came out in January, is already a contender for catchiest album of the year, at least in my book. Every song on this album blew me away when I heard it. Very recommended!

Be warned that both albums are extremely catchy, I think I sing half of the song Awesome=dr2 every time I buy a Dr Pepper these days, and the track Venomous Vapors is just an epic track about hiphopmcdougal's skill at every game he plays. The track People Don't Forget is one of the funniest minutes I have heard in some time as well. I can go on and on about every track though, just head over and download the albums!