Superpowerless - Buttonmash Boy Beta EP Version & Moonwalker EP releases

Recently the lovable UK chiptune megastar Superpowerless sent over a preview copy of his latest album. Well that album is finally out, and available to the masses at large! I would like to introduce you to the Scrub Club Records release of the Buttonmash Boy Beta EP Version. The four track EP contains new, unreleased, and remastered tracks to take in and enjoy. I especially recommend the incredibly catchy work of the remastered track Ghost, which is far and away my favorite track on this EP. Catchy vocals along with the always catchy chips and guitars Superpowerless brings to the table create a highly memorable, head infecting tune that you will be singing to yourself for some time.

Following that we also have Superpowerless' release of Moonwalker: An 8 Bit Michael Jackson tribute. The backstory on this one, is that, after hearing of Michael Jackson's passing, Superpowerless set to work crafting some fine 8 bit tributes to the man. He has now collected his covers (Billie Jean, Thriller, Beat It, and Smooth Criminal) and released them for everyone's enjoyment. Definitely check out this EP for some great chiptune rock covers of classic Michael Jackson songs.

Interview with UK chiptune musician Superpowerless

Recently a good friend and hardworking chiptune musician Oliver Hindle, better known by his moniker of Superpowerless won a big contest to get a music video on MTV in the UK through the MTV/Vodaphone Fast Track Competition. The video debuts on television today and to commemorate the event I asked if Oliver would want to take some time to answer a few questions for this here site. He gladly agreed and now you can read below to see what makes this musician tick!

When did you first start writing music?

I've been writing electronic music for something like 5 years, but I've only been doing Superpowerless since the start of 2006. Before this I'd been in a few pop punk bands with high school/college friends but they never really went anywhere. Mostly because I couldn't find people that were as committed to music as I was.

What was the first instrument you learned to play?

First instrument I learnt to play was drums. Since then I've learnt guitar, bass, piano and synth.

When did you first start performing your music live?

First Superpowerless gig was on May 4th 2008. I've been keeping a list on my website of every gig I've played, It's a pretty cool thing to look back at! Since the first gig the people I've played live with have changed around a lot. It's been hard to find people that are dedicated to being in a backing band as it's meant they don't get chance to write the material. It's working really well at the moment!

When did you decide to start mixing guitar with chiptunes? What gave you that inspiration?

When I started writing chiptune, I wrote the songs with the intention of playing live. Guitar was my main instrument at the time and I'm not a massive fan of instrumental music, so it just seemed logical to mix in vocals and guitar. I also didn't really want to gig on my own so I wrote parts that I could get friends to play by forming a live backing band. I don't like being limited in what music I can create, so this way I could leave my options open to try different things.

Who are some of your musical influences? Both in chiptunes and in mainstream music?

Some bands that have had a massive impact on me are: Modest Mouse (favourite band), Mew, Million Dead, Jimmy Eat World, Postal Service, Placebo, blink 182, metric... etc! In chiptunes, I tend to prefer the artists that cross chiptune with vocals/guitar/other instruments. My favourite chiptune artists are Cat Cocinelle, I Fight Dragons and Combat Dave. I have quite a lot of chiptuning friends as well, you know who you are *high five*

What made you choose the song "Wasting My Time" to be your first big single?

I didn't think I'd win the competition when I entered, so I just picked one of my songs randomly, there are quite a few that I think would have made good singles, I really like how wasting my time has turned out though.

Any American tour planned if you make it big?

Oh definitely, we'll do the biggest tour everrrrr!

How was it remaking the song professionally? What parts of the song changed and which parts stayed the same?

It was really awesome, i usually don't spend very long on a track, so getting the chance to sit down with someone that knows as much as Andy about producing was amazing. I learnt so many little techniques and ways to get things sounding as good as possible. We kept the track sounding lofi and 8bit but just really tidied it up and gave everything it's own space. We added lots of little drum fills and drops to keep the track interesting and split the different sections up more. We also put in a bit using a vocoder to break up the melody of the choruses. Really happy with it!

How did you react when you learned that your song won the MTV Contest?

I was really surprised! It's such an awesome prize, the amount of exposure it offers is insane! If you'd of told me a few years ago when I started writing these songs that I'd be at the stage where I'm filming a music video with a professional director, I'd of not believed you in the slightest. All my friends and family were really excited about it all as well, they've all seen how hard I've worked to get this far and been behind me all the way.

How did the idea for the "Wasting My Time" music video come about? How did he director contribute to that idea?

The idea for Wasting My Time was the director Luc Jannin's. He talked me through his initial ideas and I loved the sound of it and so he developed it into what it ended up being. I had no idea how much was involved in shooting a music video, and how many people were needed on day of the shoot. It was crazy that they were all their for my music!

Who came up with the idea for the Robots Need Love Too" music video and how did that video come to be?

I had a brain storm with my friend Colin Odd Greenall about what would look cool and he agreed to direct a video for us. We wanted something that would be really fun to film and also a feel-good video. The lyrics and song go with the ideas we had perfectly. We're all really happy with how it turned out!

How much money and time was necessary to create the "Robots Need Love Too" music video ?

We stole a load of cardboard from ASDA/subway took it all back to my friend colins house. Made the costumes (took a few hours!) then the day after we all met up and spent the day filming. We managed to get all the footage we needed done in 1 day, Colin spent a few weeks editing it all together. The only money we spent on the video was paying a busker to let us play the track through his amp so we could dance to it.

Are you already working on a new album? If so can you let us know how it's shaping up and what your plans are for it?

I've written and recorded about 30/40 songs, I have a habit of getting them recorded as fast as possible and then leaving them. At the moment I'm going through finding the best tracks and then spending a really long time getting them sounding as good as possible. I'm not setting myself a deadline with it, I'm a bit of a perfectionist and I want to make sure it's absolutely perfect before I release it.

Any plans for future videos or any songs you would like to make a video for?

We're involved in a local project that's pairing film makers up with bands and over the next few months we'll be filming another music video, to a totally re-recorded/reworked version of an old song I did called "zombie survival plan". At the moment, we're thinking of trying to get as many people dressed as zombies as possible into Leeds train station (which is pretty big/busy) or re-enacting Ghostbusters (Be Kind Rewind style). We'll see what happens!

Are you going to forget about all of us small guys when you are big and famous?

Haha I'd quite like to get big and famous but there's no telling what's going to happen. If anything like that does happen, I'll still be contactable through myspace/msn/hotmail/facebook all of that. I'll do my best to reply to as many people as I can. I've always liked it when bands I like, reply to my messages.

Any shout outs, thanks, plugs, or mentions you would like to add now?

Massive thanks to everyone at Vodafone and MTV for the competition, it's really given me some motivation when I really needed it! Thanks everyone that listens to my music and has got in touch with me about it over the last 3 years! Also massive thanks to anyone that's bought my CDs, showed my music to their friends, wrote about it, you're all awesome! Thanks to everyone that's been part of the Superpowerless Live band, you've all been really cool to work with! I could go on thanking people for ages, haha.


I would like to send out a big thanks to Oliver for being nice enough to answer the questions and getting them back to me so quickly. Be sure to check out his official site Also I want to say Congratulations to him for winning the MTV video contest. Glad someone with such an enthusiasm for good music and video game inspired art got such a chance! You can check out his MTV music video for Wasting My Time in our older article, and enjoy his Robots Need Love Too video below!

Superpowerless - Wasting My Time music video

So I have just been informed that the new music video from GM4A's longtime pals over at Superpowerless is all set to be shown on MTV on March 23, but Luckily they have thought of me (and also Z.) for a bit of exclusive pre-release fun. The video is for the Superpowerless track Wasting My Time, which is the winner of the recent MTV/Vodaphone Fast Track competition. The video was created by director Luc Janin, and the newer version of the song you are hearing in the video was produced and mastered by Andy Chatterley.

The video itself of course stars Oliver Hindle AKA Superpowerless, as well as my podcasting companion MisterB, who also moonlights as Superpowerless' band mate during live gigs. Watch the video below and definitely send your love Superpowerless' way for getting so much attention lately, as he definitely deserves it!

Nerdapalooza UK Saturday June 14th!

So Nerdapalooza UK is this very weekend. If you are anywhere in the UK you have to go! I heard England is pretty small so you don't really have an excuse. Anyway, here's MisterB, good friend and event coordinator to tell you all about it!

Just writing to let you know that after an intermittent year or so of planning, Nerdapalooza UK is now less than a week away, the big day being Saturday June 14th 2008. We have a pretty solid cross section of musical nerds representing their scenes and I'm very proud of how its all come together!

The line up currents stands as:

Amy Fan Flyy, Darlings of the touring circuit playing their 8-bit Power pop sound in support of their unfathomably adorably named album, "Dinosaurs go Rwarr"

Superpowerless, rising West Yorkshire group who after a small amount of gigs, have cultivated a passionate fan-base drawn to their guitar-fueled, chiptune melodies and hauntingly sweet vocals

Dan Plus Add, Digital Folk Rocker behind the recent single "Right Man in the Wrong Place" and popular Twitter Meme "The Coultometer" will be playing tracks from his new album "Matters of Great Importance" and debut album "Of FNARs and ZINGs". Expect sing-alongs!

Combat Dave, High Energy Chiptunist invited to play Nerdapalooza-UK following a bewildering opening set at Liverpool-based "Chipfest II"

Category, Father of UK-Nerdrap and veteran of Nerdapalooza's, having played at its very first incarnation in California, makes his way from Southampton to showcase tracks from his upcoming album "uk.geek.core"

The CamPanulas, rising from the seabed to share with you a goofy, let almost experimental blend of geeky yet cerebral lyrics and playful guitar rock

MisterB, Bradford resident and festival organiser known for a punk-style approach to rap vocals, as well as being one half of the "Letters vs Numbers" pod cast, opens the festival with energetic nerdcore.

It is, the best to my knowledge, the first festival of its kind in the UK, the first of many I hope! With any luck, it will inspire a new wave of Brit dudes and dudettes to sneak onto Myspace with songs about Red Dwarf, H2G2, and the Amiga!

Come on down, Delius Pub, Claremont Street, Bradford (near the University!) I will buy you a pint!

Superpowerless - City Attack EP release/review

UK chiptunist Superpowerless has released his latest, the City Attack EP. And like so much awesome music, it is available for free download! You can download the album from his myspace page, or right through megaupload here. The album is 6 songs long (and one threat) and only clocks in at about 15 minutes, but those 15 minutes are quite an experience of chippy sounds, interesting and distinct vocals, and some rocking guitars and drums.

The first track, Balderdash, starts with some nice drums, then hits you with some guitars and chipwork. Then Superpowerless comes with the vocals. A solid song to introduce to you to everything the album is about. This leads right into the upbeat tune of Dragonflies. Possibly my favorite tune on the EP with it's jumpy beat and catchy vocals. Then comes a kind of angry break from the music with Matts Threat. The first half of the EP ends with I Like Ghostbusters More Than You, another very upbeat danceable tune.

The second half of the EP kicks off with the glitchier style of Zombie Survival Plan, and there is just something about zombies and chiptunes that just works (see Jay Tholen's Epidemic for reference). More interesting vocals and guitar/chiptune interweaving take place in Swimming With Sharks, a kind of anthemic song. The album closes with the instrumental Every Superhero Needs a Sidekick. A somber, slow melody that leads into a reflective chiptune riff and builds more energy as the guitar comes in. The guitar eventually gives way to a very nice ending, and great close to the album.

This is certainly an album worth checking out, as it seems Superpowerless really does his own thing here, away from the UK chiptune scene at large, and makes a catchy, standout EP in the process. Go download it already!