Enter 2 Mello's 'The 3-6 Chambers' - Final Fantasy vs Wu-Tang mashup album


Release day review of the free-to-download mashup adventure.

The 2 Mello mashup trilogy comes to a close with The 3-6 Chambers, available to download or stream now over at Scrub Club Records. Seems Mello saved the most intense for last, a 14 track collection of mashups featuring the music from Nobuo Uematsu's Final Fantasy VI soundtrack, remixed and remastered beneath the eclectic flows of classic Wu-Tang Clan.

2 Mello's story-based mashups (as well as other artists like Tovarisch) have forced me to find a new term for this combination of videogame based hip hop storytelling. Henceforth, albums of this caliber will be known as mashup adventure albums. This term means that the album not only collects a variety of catchy tunes and hot vocals, but that attention is also payed to the original meaning of the source material, and becomes remixed and mashed up to convey the heart and mind of the original artists.

Mello sums up the idea of a mashup adventure album well in his own liner notes

The Wu-Tang Clan, the legendary kings of rap, espers buried deep within their 36th chamber of skill, come forth into a land on the brink of destruction. The evil magic-abusing warlord Kefka holds legions of rappers and producers under his iron grip, using his Slave Crowns to make us work for him. The Wu-Tang are able to free me, but I still have to prove my skills in remixing if I am to join them in battle.

This attention to storytelling is something I love in video games and hip hop, and evidently I also crave in my video game hip hop, no matter the source material. 

As a hip hop head, living in Southern California put me at quite the disadvantage in hearing much Wu-Tang in my youth. This means I'm not nostalgic for classic Wu-Tang in quite the same way as when I heard Jay-Z and Nas, both of whom were featured in Mello's previous mashup collections. This means I not only get the chance to hear a brand new collection of head bobbing Mello mashups, but can also up my hip hop game by getting more familiar with the Wu. 

The album dropped this morning, and I am giving it my first listen as I type up these words, so instead of a full review, for now I'll give my initial impressions. On first play through, the album is surprisingly laid back, likely due to the beat choices, which juxtaposes the playful, endless grassy field imagery of classic RPGs with the big city New York rap style of Wu Tang.

On first play through, stand out tracks are currently the opening and closing tracks, "Magic Ruins Everything Around Me", and "The Crew is Back" respectively. Of course there is plenty of meat sandwiched in between.

I have to admit I didn't give the album a straight play through as planned, thanks to "Got Your Treasure" a mixture of ODB and The Veldt (Wild West). I had to hit rewind quite a few times, and really take in the mood of Final Fantasy within the lyrical context of Dirt McGirt. The song takes on the mood of a cocky adventurer busting into caves and dungeons and getting that money.

Catchiest track award has to go to "Da Mystery of Shadow-Boxin'" for the beautiful fusion of the somber Shadow's theme with Da Mystery of Chessboxin.' Headbanger award definitely goes to "Battle Pit." which combines the hard hitting sounds of Gravel Pit with FFVI's main battle theme. It's the FFVI equivalent to Team Teamwork's classic FFVII mashup of M.O.P.

I hope to have a fuller collection of thoughts on the album sometime in the future. I now live in a world in which a mashup album could be one of the most layered and deep albums of the year for me. Isn't that something? Enter The 3-6 Chambers for free via the Scrub Club Records album page. You can also follow 2 Mello's Twitter

Some day, there will be an RPG in which the battles really will have rap music about fighting. That is my dream. A hip hop Persona, or urban Earthbound...

Rock Paper Genocide, Borderlands inspired hip hop from nerdcore group RPG-Unit


From the opening anthem that is "I Shoot People," this EP unloads round after round of hot rhymes and some good hooks.

Whether you've traveled through the world of Borderlands or not (I haven't) this is a hot album for fans of apocalyptic underground hip hop or nerdcore video game raps.

2Mello drops new mashup mixtape Nastlevania


Rapper and super producer, 2Mello has dropped his latest mashup project, Nastlevania, a surreal trip into the most bumping house party ever held in Dracula's Mansion. More than just a simple mashup project, 2Mello has found himself in the midst of an increasingly complex series of mashups, announcing that this is the second of three albums planned in this vein.

In the official liner notes, 2mello describes the idea behind his latest production. He says, "This time around, we have rapper Nas fighting his way through Dracula's Castle. Turns out Nas is a Belmont by blood. He has been summoned in our modern-day to defeat Dracula, who has decided he wants to be a rapper and is using the more mindless rap consumers to feed him with their souls in his return to power. Nas must defeat this king of mediocrity and bring back good music to those who have lost their souls to evil."

I'm a huge fan of these types of mashups, and it seems like 2Mello is the first producer to really understand why. His added content encapsulates this alternate Nas reality, creating an almost radio musical type atmosphere. It is certainly an album that needs to be heard, even for those not familiar with the back catalogs for either Nas or Castlevania.

For folks wanting to find out more about 2Mello and his mashup related endeavors, I recently conducted an interview with 2mello. We discuss much of the work and ideals contained in his previous mashup album Chrono Jigga. You can read the article now on gamentrain.com.

Dr. Awkward "Unlimited"


Doc Awk is back!  Since his huge hit, "Next Gen", this man has been on a Nerdcore rocket ship that continues flying towards the stars.  His name is continuing to spread through out the Nerdcore community and his fan base gets bigger and bigger.  Signing on with Scrub Club Records, multiple collabs, shows, etc, this rapper is making his mark!  And now it's here, the album we've all been anticipating!   "Unlimited" is a new shot for all his patients.  It'll kick your music taste into shape with his hot tracks that talk on women, gaming, women, kung fu (and how it's better than yours), gaming, and more women!

Now let's talk about some of my personal favorites on this album.  My first most favorite has got to be "DualShAwks".  This track has a legit beat and a lot of attitude.  It takes huge pride in being a nerd and what it means to be 1337.  The Doc tells his audience simply "Here I am, take me on".  Great beat, great flow, one of my definite favorite Nerdcore-in-general tracks.  My next fave goes to "Joystick".  This track cracked me up!  The obvious innuendo (of course) made me laugh but the story behind it too about a nerd who loses his girl and his job because of gaming gave a good chuckle too.  Just an all around enjoyable track.  Now my third one is tough to choose.  A lot of you readers might think it be "Be My" with it having Final Fantasy used in the track but I'm partial to "Otaku Girl", another nerd love song about a gamer falling for an Anime fan girl using various Animes/Manga references.   Both tracks fill my heart with so much glee, it's hard to choose.  So I'll cheat and say both are my third favorite(s)!

This album is a great addition to any Nerdcore music collection (or to any music collection for that matter!).   I recommend it to all you otaku loving, video game playing,  and/or "Timid" nerds  out there who are thirsting for some new Nerdcore music to sing along to on loop! You can get "Unlimited" here!  Download it now and get amped up for what more will come in the future!

"Game Over"-Karmageddon

Mr. Xbox Live, Mr. Game Over, Karmageddon. These are names that will be known across the internet and you lovely readers will help with this conquest. I went in downloading knowing of Karmageddon and his skills but this just pushed my expectations to an incredible level. Pride in Nerdcore is fired up on this album with hot tracks like "Doin Me", "Let it Rock", "All Hail the Kings" and "Game Over". Featuring artists Billy the Fridge, Untested Methods, Hairetsu, Ronald Hagen, Deafinition, Dr. Awkward, Pops Ghostly, King Pheenix, Dirty Jenkins and Kabuto the Python, this all equals win.

1.The Story So Far[Intro]
2.Future Sight [Feat.Billy The Fridge]
3.Grew Up A Screw Up [Remix]
4,Doin' Me
5.Error 404 [Remix]
6.9MM [Remix]
7.Amazin' [Remix]
8.Hold My Head Down [Remix Ft.Untested Methods]
9.Let It Rock [Remix Ft. Hairetsu]
10.I Can Transform Ya Verse
11.Like Whoa [Remix Ft.Ronald Hagen]
12.Mr.XBOX LIVE verse
13.LOL WUTCHA SAYS? [Whatcha Say Remix]
14.Talking To Myself [Feat. Deafinition]
15.Some Dissasembly Required
16.Quantum Leaps [Ft. Doc Awkward]
17.For The Swarm [Moby Flower Remix]
18.The Move Meant [Ft.Pops Ghostly]
19.Out Here Grindin Verse
20.All Hail The Kings [Ft.King Pheenix]
22.Game Over[Ft.Dirty Jerkins and Kabuto The Python]

Nerdcore Artists from Geekamigo and Rhymetorrents plus rockin' remixes how can anyone say no? Download this now and get pumped up like you've never been before!

Nerd Invasion - November 6-7 2009 Pensacola, Florida

A few months ago an amazing event was brewing and has finally exploded to the surface like an incredible volcano which rather than lava, seems to rain down some sort of nerdy type of liquid...Bawls possibly? Anyway, with the failing of that analogy I would like to introduce you fine folks to the coming invasion. Nerd Invasion.

Now before I go and make more terrible analogies to aliens and social awkwardness or what have you, I will just hand things over to the Nerd Invasion press release.

Start Time: Friday, November 6, 2009 at 7:00pm End Time: Saturday, November 7, 2009 at 12:00pm

Silver Screen Entertainment Complex 7280 Plantation Road Pensacola, FL

This is Nerd Invasion. And it's going down November 6th - 7th, 2009, in Pensacola, Florida! THIS IS AN ALL-AGES EVENT!

Proceeds go towards the "Open Source Rhymes Project," which is a charity organization that helps underdog Nerdcore artists with musical instruction, performance assistance, and purchasing of equipment to less fortunate musicians. It will also put on many more events just like this!

Confirmed so far (much more to be added!):

PERFORMING Schaffer The Darklord Scrub Club Krondor Krew Zealous1 Dual Core Shael Riley Marc With a C The finalists of Scrub Club's Versus Mode competition

(Scrub Club artists making an appearance / performing: MadHatter, Dr. Awkward, Kabuto The Python, Benjamin Bear, Chester, Kasparov, and DJ CutterJ... so far)

SPONSORS Nerd Rockstar Scrub Club Records Wizards of the Coast White Wolf Games Asahi Brewery Homefield Sports and Games

EVENTS Magic: The Gathering tournament Versus System tournament 8Bit Conflict: A classic NES tournament Console gaming Tabletop gaming Rocky Horror Picture Show at dawn Panels with musicians, gamers, and others Cosplay contest Miss Poindexter '09 The Secret Thirteen World premiere of George Clinton's "Gongafunkadine" Nerdcore music video showcase

OTHERS Full bar / restaurant open 24 hours 8 hotels within walking distance

Superpowerless - Buttonmash Boy Beta EP Version & Moonwalker EP releases

Recently the lovable UK chiptune megastar Superpowerless sent over a preview copy of his latest album. Well that album is finally out, and available to the masses at large! I would like to introduce you to the Scrub Club Records release of the Buttonmash Boy Beta EP Version. The four track EP contains new, unreleased, and remastered tracks to take in and enjoy. I especially recommend the incredibly catchy work of the remastered track Ghost, which is far and away my favorite track on this EP. Catchy vocals along with the always catchy chips and guitars Superpowerless brings to the table create a highly memorable, head infecting tune that you will be singing to yourself for some time.

Following that we also have Superpowerless' release of Moonwalker: An 8 Bit Michael Jackson tribute. The backstory on this one, is that, after hearing of Michael Jackson's passing, Superpowerless set to work crafting some fine 8 bit tributes to the man. He has now collected his covers (Billie Jean, Thriller, Beat It, and Smooth Criminal) and released them for everyone's enjoyment. Definitely check out this EP for some great chiptune rock covers of classic Michael Jackson songs.

Here Comes a New Challenger II Turbo available now for free download and pre-order

Game Music 4 All and Scrub Club Records are excited to announce that the highly anticipated Here Comes a New Challenger II Turbo is now available for free download and also taking pre-orders for pressed copies!


1. Dial-Up Town - Jay Tholen VS Shael Riley
2. Oh Yeaah - D-Form VS MC Chesire Grin
3. Battletoads and Double Dragon Medley - Nanaki's View VS Girlz Melon
4. Puppeteers - Superpowerless VS Conyeezy and Hairetsu
5. Secrets Don't Make Girlfriends - Nerd Army VS My Parent's Favorite Music
6. Rockin' The Rhymes - Arcane Addiction VS MC_Loki and Killa GHOZT
7. 8 Bit Flashback - Doctor Octoroc VS ZOMBIES! ORGANIZE!!
8. Barnstormin' Round - Matheus Manente VS MC Not A Rocket Scientist
9. Rhyme Pirates - Atarimatt VS Legendary Wizard
10. Blip - The Spork VS Epic-1
11. Final Solta O Frango Fantasy - killsaly
12. Sales Love - Spamtron VS TRS-1
13. It Is What It Is - Peppermint Pony VS Attack Slug and Thugmasta J

1. Jupiter Cafe - Nestroyer VS TYT
2. Give Zelda To Me - Norwegian Recycling
3. Bizarro Paradise City - Shael Riley VS Bizarro Stylus
4. Contra - ThePlasmas VS 8-Bit Duane
5. I Like Anime - majin wreck VS IllGIll, Magitek, Kabuto the Python, Emperor Pilaf, and Random
6. The Flow - DJ Snyder VS Dual Core
7. Revolution - Temp Sound Solutions VS Shinobi, Kabuto the Python, and Conyeezy
8. Love's Blade - Beethovenboy VS nameless
9. King of the Dirt - Bit Mummy VS King Nasty
10. Megaman X Medley - Videogame Orchestra VS Girlz Melon
11. I Don't Pay For Shit - IllGill VS mCRT
12. Blue Skies - Megatone VS King Pheenix
13. Sentimental Graffiti - Swampyboy VS Category

Special thanks to EMPulse for mastering, Doctor Octoroc for artwork, and Madhatter for website design! Also NoWhistlers for telling me about CDPosterShop.com who is pressing the album. More Special thanks to all the artists of course who made this project happen, as well as everyone who has supported this endeavor since HCNC1 last year. Even more special thanks to MisterB, Hex, Shinobi Onibocho, Chibi Ma, and Lo Tech for moral support.

Once again download it at gamemusic4all.com/newchallenger2

Madhatter - Overheat music video by PBC Productions

MadHatter's "Overheat" music video by PBC Productions from Mad Hatter on Vimeo.

Plain and simple this video ROCKS SO HARD. the song comes courtesy of MadHatter and his 2007 release 8Bit Bullshit. Be sure to download the full album for a ton of other awesome rap tributes to classic NES titles.

The video itself is from the amazing folks at PBC Productions (Captain S, Little Miss Gamer) and was recorded at MAGFest VII. This also means that there are a few awesome cameos in the video. Keep an eye out and see who those cameos may be! I definitely recognized a few folks, Including a certain someone who performed at West Coast Wig Out.

Scrub Club Noncents Vol. 2 compilation release

Our good friends at Scrub Club Records have announced they have finished work on their latest release, Scrub Club Noncents Vol. 2. The album contains B-sides, unreleased, and new tracks from many SCR artists, old and new alike. Judging from the liner notes, this release looks like it spans a fair amount of Scrub Club history. The album has tracks from Madhatter, anna rexia, Big Stephen and many more! Head over to the download page right now and grab this album! And like with all SCR releases, this one is, of course, free to download!

8Bit Bullsh*t

This isn't exactly a new album, but definitely one that bears mentioning. I recently discovered Scrub Club Records, who are some fine folks with many albums under their belt. One of their latest is 8Bit Bullshit, by MadHatter. The album covers a wide range of classic games, including the first rap song I have ever heard about Excite Bike. The album is up for free download and has eleven great songs. Definitely worth checking out.

Also, once you are done falling in love with that album, there are plenty more free albums to download from Scrub Club Records. After downloading all that music, add them on myspace!