Superpowerless - City Attack EP release/review

UK chiptunist Superpowerless has released his latest, the City Attack EP. And like so much awesome music, it is available for free download! You can download the album from his myspace page, or right through megaupload here. The album is 6 songs long (and one threat) and only clocks in at about 15 minutes, but those 15 minutes are quite an experience of chippy sounds, interesting and distinct vocals, and some rocking guitars and drums.

The first track, Balderdash, starts with some nice drums, then hits you with some guitars and chipwork. Then Superpowerless comes with the vocals. A solid song to introduce to you to everything the album is about. This leads right into the upbeat tune of Dragonflies. Possibly my favorite tune on the EP with it's jumpy beat and catchy vocals. Then comes a kind of angry break from the music with Matts Threat. The first half of the EP ends with I Like Ghostbusters More Than You, another very upbeat danceable tune.

The second half of the EP kicks off with the glitchier style of Zombie Survival Plan, and there is just something about zombies and chiptunes that just works (see Jay Tholen's Epidemic for reference). More interesting vocals and guitar/chiptune interweaving take place in Swimming With Sharks, a kind of anthemic song. The album closes with the instrumental Every Superhero Needs a Sidekick. A somber, slow melody that leads into a reflective chiptune riff and builds more energy as the guitar comes in. The guitar eventually gives way to a very nice ending, and great close to the album.

This is certainly an album worth checking out, as it seems Superpowerless really does his own thing here, away from the UK chiptune scene at large, and makes a catchy, standout EP in the process. Go download it already!