Chiptune musicians Dot.AY, 10K Free Men, and Little-Scale featured on Australian TV show Good Game

This past week, Good Game, a television show on ABC (Australian Broadcasting Company) featured the growing chiptune scene in Australia. The segment is a little over 5 minutes and includes interviews with good pal and occasional contributor to this site Dot.AY along with other amazing musician and Gameboy Australia cohort 10K Free Men and Their Families. Also included is another awesome musician known as Little-Scale. The interview discusses the ideas about chiptunes, and a bit from each artist about what it means to them, how they make it, and how they got into chiptunes.

The segment is pretty well done and is definitely a win for chiptunes, especially in Australlia! My congratulations go out to my friends who got interviewed, not to mention the awesome Australian chiptune scene at large that sometimes gets lost in the shuffle on the world scene. They are definitely some of the most accomplished and enthusiastic musicians I have heard and glad they had this opportunity to spread the word on chiptunes. Sadly the video isn't embeddable, but is available to download or view online at this link to the segment.

PS. Also congrats to Gameboy Australia for celebrating their first birthday! Definitely a site to check out whether you live in Australia or not!