Game Boy Australia officially announced!

I know this website, as it is based in the US, tend to have a US slant on things. That's why we have our good pal GameWave Joe (which I just now decided to nickname him) to help cover things from a more UK perspective. BUT, what if you reside in neither Europe nor the Americas? Well looks like the one and only Dot.AY has stepped up to resolve those problems for one continent! I introduce to you Game Boy Australia! Here is Dot.AY to explain the premise of his site.

Our idea is to unite Australasian chiptuners through events, releases and information because we were sick of complaining about how all the chiptune scenes seem to be in the northern hemisphere. So basically we want to create a scene and a fan base here in Australia so eventually demand for other international artists to tour to here will begin to occur.

So head over and check out Dot.AY and friends awesome blog. They already ahve some great info and news about chiptunes. Not to mention they just announced their Australian Tour, so for you folks in the southern hemisphere needing more chiptunes, here's your chance!