Coova and little-scale - Two Warriors EP release

After having met at Blip Festival 2009, Coova and little-scale signed a treaty to merge their respective battalions and combine their unique combat styles in order to ward off evil enemy forces. Coova’s artillery of choice is the Nintendo Game Boy with the Nanoloop 1.5 ammo cartridge whilst little-scale’s war science research department has developed a weaponised strain of the SEGA Nomad. The result is an armed force to be reckoned with, ready to do battle on any audio playback system at high volumes.

We are going to be playing catch up quite a bit these days, but we will try not to leave anyone behind! Here's another great album that I missed during the sites recent dry spell. Coming our way by the folks over at 8bitpeoples, Two Warriors from Coova, and little-scale. Considering all the praise I heaped upon little-scale and his older releases, not to mention the oddity and grace that is Coova, who I have been an avid fan of since hearing the eclectic sounds of her 2009 release with Bud Melvin.

little-scale - Nothing Has Been Left Unspoken & I.F.E. album releases

Late last year well known Australian chiptune musician little-scale dropped an album on the quickly rising Handheld Heroes netlabel. The sixth release from said netlabel, Nothing Has Been Left Unspoken is a twelve track collection of amazing ambient chiptunes.

Starting with the album opener, You Have My Dignity, the music washes over you with a mood of listlessness and nostalgia. The song fades out with a simple catchy drumbeat and leads right into the crunchy follow up in Elsewhere. The title track, Nothing Has Been Left Unspoken, is a short and simple, reflective track that reminds one of seeing a beach from an old black and white film. The ending completely reverses this, with a distant beep that builds into the upbeat battle tones of Worldview. The battle is rough but continues to be encased by the same grainy black and white world of the previous song.

A few tracks further in we come to my personal favorite song from the release. Wake Up, Space Cadet! continues the nostalgic quality of the album, and infuses it with chiptune church organs playing a heartening reprise for what one would assume is an awakening astronaut newly returned from a far off world. Another stand out track for me is Recollections at the Edge of Denial. From the same church like atmosphere of Space Cadet, we hear the faint organ like beeps, but this time alongside the granular push of the drums. All in all this is a stellar release that will be getting repeated listens from me for some time. This release also keeps up the high quality of music from both little-scale as well as Handheld Heroes.

Another thing about little-scale I failed to mention is that with last year's Blip Festival, little-scale became the first Australian chiptune musician to perform at said event. Whilst enroute to New York for the mecca of micromusic, a short album was composed to fill the time. I.F.E. is the result. The four track EP is available via little-scale's blog and contains a nice sampling of warped beats and warbling beeps. The tracks, simply titled after their track number, show a nice range of ideas, but 03 is a particular stand out to me with it's clapping drums, monotonous bassline, and uneasily flowing leads. The track puts a slightly discomforting feel in your mind that is hard to shake, but creates an intensive piece of music that forces you to take notice.

So the brief synopsis is, two incredible works of art by our cohorts from Australia. Grab both the albums, lie back, and soak them in.

Blip Festival 2009 Event Schedule finalized, Gaijin/Robotube video game design Battle of the Brands

Blip Festival 2009 logo

With only a few weeks left before Blip Festival, possibly the largest gathering of chiptune performers from all over the globe, the organizers of said event have finally released the full schedule of concerts and events that will be taking place from December 17th-19th at the bell house in Brooklyn, NY. Tickets are available with full three day tickets at $40 and one day passes for $15. There will be several great workships as well throughout the event, with prices ranging from free for movies and chiptune making tutorials to a $65 A_SID Synth Workshop that will have you going home with your very own "working usb controllable breadboard A_SID Synth, and the knowledge to begin using it."

Battle of the Brands Not only this, but also good pals at Gaijin Games have announced that they, alongside fellow chiptune loving game developers Robotube Games are having the first ever Battle of the Brands! A collaborative battle to the death to release a brand new game in one day during Blipfest! Throughout the day of the battle both companies will be constantly updating their sites, facebooks, twitters, etc to keep everyone on top of the latest happenings.

Why are they doing this? Well Alex Neuse of Gaijin Games states, "We can do whatever we want!  It’s our freakin’ deal, so shut up if you feel like it!" Oh, and the rules? There are no rules! Well except these ones.

1. Try to make a game in one day while at Blip Festival 2009 all the way over in New York City 2. Drink lots of coffee 3. Release the end product to the public, even if we fail miserably

Of course, the main reason to be at Blipfest is the tons of amazing artists and visualists that are just far too numerous to mention. But if you head past the break or go over to you can check out the entire list of scheduled events and concerts taking place. Concert Schedule

Dec 17 Thursday 8:00 Silent Requiem With visuals by Jean Y. Kim 8:40 failotron With visuals by Paris 9:20 Leeni With visuals by VBLANK 10:00 minusbaby With visuals by Enso 10:40 Chromix With visuals by The C-Men 11:20 Je Deviens DJ en 3 Jours With visuals by NO CARRIER 12:00 Albino Ghost Monkey With visuals by outpt 12:40 Eat Rabbit With visuals by Rosa Menkman

Dec 18 Friday 8:00 Disasterpeace With visuals by Enso 8:40 Starscream With visuals by Jean Y. Kim 9:20 Fighter X With visuals by outpt 10:00 little-scale With visuals by Rosa Menkman 10:40 I, Cactus With visuals by VBLANK 11:20 Nullsleep With visuals by Rosa Menkman & Paris 12:00 Rainbowdragoneyes With visuals by The C-Men 12:40 Patric C With visuals by NO CARRIER

Dec19 Saturday 8:00 The J. Arthur Keenes Band With visuals by Rosa Menkman & Enso 8:40 tRash cAn maN With visuals by Jean Y. Kim & Paris 9:20 Bubblyfish With visuals by NO CARRIER & outpt 10:00 The Hunters 10:40 glomag With visuals by The C-Men & VBLANK 11:20 Bit Shifter With visuals by outpt & Enso 12:00 David Sugar With visuals by NO CARRIER & VBLANK 12:40 Psilodump With visuals by Paris & The C-Men

Workshops & Daytime Events

Film Screening - Blip Festival: Reformat the Planet * Date: Friday, Dec 18th, 1pm-3pm * Location: Main Room, The Bell House * Price: $5 at the door

A_SID Synth Workshop: A usb/serial controllable chip based C64 SID chip emulator * Date: Friday, Dec 18th, 2pm-5pm * Location: Front Lounge, The Bell House * Price: $65 (includes materials & necessary tools)

Film Screening - Reformat the Planet 1.5 and Curated Music Videos from 2 Player Productions * Date: Saturday, Dec 19th, 1pm * Location: Main Room, The Bell House * Price: Free

From Classic Sound Chips to Virtual Instruments with David Viens of Plogue * Date: Saturday, Dec 19th, 2pm * Location: Front Lounge, The Bell House * Price: Free

Open source solutions for live visuals - presented by Don Miller / NO CARRIER * Date: Saturday, Dec 19th, 3pm * Location: Front Lounge, The Bell House * Price: Free

Week in Video Game Inspired Music 11/30-12/06

Galaga by Rocco D Commisso

This week in VGIM, the biggest thing, IS OUR OBVIOUS REDESIGN! Did you not notice!? We got us some nice forums as well too! Well besides that we have some cool news stories, even an in-depth look at the history of chiptunes. Also a few new podcasts and a couple great remixes (Link's Awakening anyone?). Up top we have some fantastic art by Rocco D Commisso who you might know from the great Megas inspired art we featured last year. "Galaga" is the simple name of this great pin-up piece. Also congrats to good pal jmr for his first piece published on OCReMix!



REMIXES Latest OCReMix releases

Other singles and releases

VIDEO This weeks video is of disasterPEACE (is he still spelling it that way?) performing Sober Colony live in Massachusetts at BOSTON8BIT Presents: Chiptune #2. Although if you liked last week's video, now they have an even cooler version of it running on a Gameboy!

Remember to get any awesome new articles, songs/singles, videos, etc. to me for next week as well!

Blip Festival returns and first artists revealed

Recently the fine folks at 8bitpeoples have launched the brand new 2009 edition of the Blip Festival website. Along with that they have also revealed both the Blip Festival 09 dates of December 17th to the 19th in New York at Brooklyn's Bell House. They have also revealed some of the first confirmed acts for the show, which includes some of the best that chip music has to offer, and spanning all over the globe, including the first Australian chiptunist in little-scale! The full run down is below.

But before that, sadly things aren't all sunshine for the festival. Looks like the grant they used to fund the show in prior years is no more. The good news is that you, the loyal chip loving fan can help part those gray skies by heading over to Kickstarter for the The People's Fund to Support Blip Festival 2009 and donate a few dollars to make sure this mecca of micromusic can continue for another year. Of course 8bitpeoples is more than happy to give a little back by offering plenty of awesome incentives for different donation levels. Head over to see what's still available.

Bit Shifter
Fighter X
The Hunters
I, Cactus
The J. Arthur Keenes Band
Je Deviens DJ En Trois Jours

New episode of the Gamewave Podcast

After almost a year of radio silence, the Gamewave Podcast returns! Episode 46 is guest hosted by Steve Jenkins of Crystal Labs and STFUAJPGM and features some killer music, including chiptunes from Spamtron, Disasterpeace, Little-scale and Virt. If, like Steve, you'd like to host your own episode and become a very minor internet celebrity, please do get in touch at contact at gamewavepodcast dot com.

As usual, you can subscribe to the feed at or download the episodes directly from And if you don't know what the Gamewave Podcast is, you're missing out, so go now. Now. We'll wait.

little scale - Dynasty release

Once again Pause netlabel releases another amazing chiptune album filled to the brim with intense sounds and incredible music. That album is Australian chiptunist little-scale with his EP Dynasty. The two track EP is a glitched out two track romp through the epic kingdoms of the past. Or as Pause describes it "little-scale’s ‘Dynasty’ combines the minimal with the progressive, exploring the use of sonic morphologies, complex textures and hypnotic timbres. Recorded from a Sega Master System and a NES."

The album is a simple two tracks long, but with each song lasting over five minutes each, the EP manages to cover a lot of ground. Dynasty 1 is the first song which has a very glitched out rough and ominous vibe to it. This leads directly into Dynasty 2, which sets off with the same ominous yet lighter tone, until about a minute in, where we reach the inner workings of the song and things take on a more ambient tone. This eventually leads to the upbeat ending. But this suddenly changes direction at the end and becomes a crazy wall of sound until just one beat is left standing until it fades into static.

As with all Pause released and everythint little-scale creates, this album is very much worthy of a listen.

little-scale - Error Repeat album release

Recently one of many amazing chiptuners from Australia, little-scale, released a new album Error Repeat (download here). The 5 song EP contains 15 minutes of jamming tunes to bob your head to. The opening track Come Back To Me, is a particular favorite. Starting off with a stepped lo-fi intro, which leads into the main bubbly upbeat melody and some spacey riffs. The song starts to break down a minute from the finish, and falls into some simple lo-fi beats and white noise like sweeps which all lead seamlessly into the next track. The rest of the tracks keep on in this fashion and meld very well into one another like any great electronic album. I am really enjoying the album and have had this one on repeat for a while.

You can download it, for free of course, from the CalmDownKidder Records page.

Chiptune musicians Dot.AY, 10K Free Men, and Little-Scale featured on Australian TV show Good Game

This past week, Good Game, a television show on ABC (Australian Broadcasting Company) featured the growing chiptune scene in Australia. The segment is a little over 5 minutes and includes interviews with good pal and occasional contributor to this site Dot.AY along with other amazing musician and Gameboy Australia cohort 10K Free Men and Their Families. Also included is another awesome musician known as Little-Scale. The interview discusses the ideas about chiptunes, and a bit from each artist about what it means to them, how they make it, and how they got into chiptunes.

The segment is pretty well done and is definitely a win for chiptunes, especially in Australlia! My congratulations go out to my friends who got interviewed, not to mention the awesome Australian chiptune scene at large that sometimes gets lost in the shuffle on the world scene. They are definitely some of the most accomplished and enthusiastic musicians I have heard and glad they had this opportunity to spread the word on chiptunes. Sadly the video isn't embeddable, but is available to download or view online at this link to the segment.

PS. Also congrats to Gameboy Australia for celebrating their first birthday! Definitely a site to check out whether you live in Australia or not! Presents Hello World! compilation

The ever present and wonderful chiptune community of 8bitcollective has released their first album to the world at large and it presents itself with a hearty Hello World! The free download includes 16 tracks from 16 mainstays of the 8bitcollective community including Nintenboys, Raptorface, and so many more! You can download the album in the appropriate 8bitcollective forum thread. Here is the full track listing now, for all the amazing chiptuners included!

01. MM - 8BC Is Cool
02. Swampyboy - Glacial Floe
03. ChipHydra - Anything with Heart
04. Digital Cait Sith - Krazoa
05. Little-Scale - Hello
06. Raptorface - Cherryblossom
07. Sparkyboy - Gloom
08. Nintenboys - Be Alone
09. Constipation Man - Space Race
10. Failotron - Hello Világ
11. Pandotrix! - Fire Flower Hilltops
12. Amiga Agia - Mustache
13. Mikrochip No32 - On the Move!
14. Derris-Kharlan - Prism Stars
15. Sybi0t - Lazarou
16. Videovalvontaa - Easter Dicks

Front/Back Cover Done by minusbaby

Go download it now! Then check out the amazing community they have over there!