Bad Dudes - Thai Guy album release

the ever creative and ever bad Bad Dudes have released a new EP. Thai Guy is a free download and contains one song, ten times. what song is awesome enough to be made into a ten song EP you ask? why it's Sagat's theme from SF2 of course!

Throughout history, you'll find many great ideas - the printing press, for example. Or the theory of relativity. But all ideas pale in comparison to Dale North and Kunal Majmudar's joint brainstorm to make an album of nothing but arrangements of Sagat's theme from Street Fighter II. And the icing on the cake? Naming it Thai Guy.

The Bad Dudes are back and this time, it's for real. Yes, we seriously did nothing but remixes of Sagat and you've never heard anything more rad in your life.


01 The OneUps - Live Thai Guy
02 Joshua Morse - Traveling Thai Guy
03 Tim Sheehy - Sly Thai Guy
04 Mustin - Sexxy Thai
05 Dale North - Abstracted Thai Guy
06 Kunal - Proggy Thai Guy
07 Mazedude - Alone with Tiger
08 zyko - Maita'i Roa
09 (Bonus) Mazedude - Sagat's Moonbike
10 (Bonus) Dhsu - Waltzing Thai Guy

So hurry up and head over to OneUpStudios and download the album now!