Bad Dudes & Friends present Castlevana: Symphony of the Night - Resurrection

It's already been established just how bad the Bad Dudes are, with awesome albums like Zombies Rocked My Neighbors (best album title ever in my opinion), the tribute album No Balls, No Glory, and many more. This time I am happy to present to you a tribute to the much beloved and classic game Castlevania, Symphony of the Night. The album is 15 tracks of vampire killing tracks from the many OCReMix regulars that make up the Bad Dudes and more.

As with all previous releases the album is free to download at this link, but they have been bringing you fantastic albums for some time now, so I definitely think a donation is in order by now, don't you?

In related news Mustin has mentioned an upcoming album from Bad Dudes currently named Chronotorious. Hmm, I do believe it is what we all have in mind.