The OneUps - Super Mario Kart Album release

After announcing it sometime ago, The OneUps finally emerge from the studio with a brand new and highly anticipated release. Simply titled Super Mario Kart Album, it's clear what this album encompasses. We are presented with ten tracks covering all the memorable themes from the Title Theme right on through to the classic final track Rainbow Road.

Though Super Mario Kart is a well known title with beloved music, it seems that the soundtrack to the game has long gone overlooked by the rock and remix communities. So it is great to see that the group behind one of my favorite SMK remixes (Koopa Beach from The OneUps Volume 1) have come together to pay tribute to this gem of 16 bit gaming.

The entire album lays down some funky jazz rhythms starting off appropriately enough with a laid back latin jazz style rendition of the Title Theme which leads right into the funky moods of Mario Circuit. The album keeps things diverse with tracks like the drum driven Ghost Valley and the wintery tones of my personal favorite piece from the album, Vanilla Lake. This album would clearly make a great soundtrack for a laid back road trip or your upcoming summer barbecue with it's driving catchy tunes that provide a relaxing upbeat atmosphere.

The album is available now as a disc or digital download via The OneUps Bandcamp page for the reasonable price of $9.99. You can also give the soundtrack a listen in it's entirety on that same page. This is also a good time to mention that The OneUps' official site has gotten a fantastic make over care of the fantastic artist and web designer MazeDude.

Finally, here is a brand new video the folks at OneUp Studios and Waverly Films have put together for their first single from the album.

Mustin - Vision Quest EP release

The Extra Men - Vision Quest
The Extra Men - Vision Quest

Musician, remixer, and member of The OneUps, Mustin, is blind.

Okay, maybe not blind per se, but he has trouble seeing, like many nerds do. So he is in the market for some new glasses. To that end Mustin has released a brand new EP of collaborations for download. This album is available now via Bandcamp, and aptly named Vision Quest.

The album kicks off with a remix of He-Man, known as You'll Never Get Away With This! And combines Mustin's production and nerdcore rapper Beefy's heavy rhymes. The song see's The Beef playing supervillian versus what I assume is Mustin the hero. This track kicks off the album with a ton of power, and one of the catchiest hooks in nerdcore I have heard this year. This is followed by The Lion's Roar, a mellow streets of rage remix filled with a lot of well done urban ambiance. This track is fronted by well known musician zyk0 who throws down some smooth flows about the gritty streets that build very well through out the song.

This gritty tune takes us into the surreal music of Earthbound with the track I Want to Be Beside You. This song is fronted by the equally surreal group The Crackaz, who you may know from the Bound Together album. This is another one of those tracks where you have to just sit back, and take it all in. Suffice it to say though, this is definitely The Crackaz material. Mustin of course holds it down with a catchy R&B flavor to the catchy Earthbound tunes. This makes a good transition into the oft revered, yet rarely covered Bust A Groove soundtrack. Natural Playboy goes into full on seductive R&B tones thanks to Mustin's piano work alongside Dale North's impressive vocals that could easily be mistaken for a catchy radio tune.

We finally come to a close to this EP with another catchy tune. This time from Street Fighter II and my personal favorite tune from the soundtrack, Chun Li's theme. Beautiful Spring sees rapper Lucio telling the tale of the world's strongest woman. This song has a catchy flow and style very similar to the opening tune, which creates a very nice circular album.

This album is definitely worth the price of admission, and some of these songs are definite must hears, particularly the opening track, and the surprise catchiness of Natural Playboy. Lucky for you the EP can be streamed free and is available via OneUp Studios' Bandcamp for the reasonable price of about five bucks. And of course as mentioned above, it is going to help Mustin level up his vision back to 20/20.

Bad Dudes - Chronotorious album available for preview and pre-order

Watch out! The Bad Dudes are back! And badder than ever! No that's ridiculous, they are already the baddest dudes. Anyway, they have very recently announced that their upcoming tribute to the amazing classic Chrono Trigger, awesomely titles Chronotorious is available for pre-order. Not only that, but if you click on "albums/eps" and then click on the Chronotorious album, then hit tracks, you can preview all the songs from the album! Bt you can only get five of those tracks on the official pressed album release. Danimal cannon of the Bad Dudes and Armcannon fame personally describes these songs as "bad-fucking-ass" and you don't argue with a bad dude who's last name is Cannon.

Also if you pre-order the album now, the album will only cost you $10, this will rise to $12 come August 18th, not to mention that the album also comes with a sweet poster. Oh, and did I mention they are only making 1000 albums! So don't drag your feet, I already pre-ordered my copy, so realistically there are only 999 left at most!

And finally, for the artistic types in the crowd, Bad Dudes are also holding a music video contest. So for any would be directors out there, you can try your hand at making a video for the Dhsu vs. Mustin - B.A.M.F. (Radio Edit) track. And for anyone else, you can just download the radio edit track and wait in anticipation of this sure to be amazing album!

Bad Dudes - Thai Guy album release

the ever creative and ever bad Bad Dudes have released a new EP. Thai Guy is a free download and contains one song, ten times. what song is awesome enough to be made into a ten song EP you ask? why it's Sagat's theme from SF2 of course!

Throughout history, you'll find many great ideas - the printing press, for example. Or the theory of relativity. But all ideas pale in comparison to Dale North and Kunal Majmudar's joint brainstorm to make an album of nothing but arrangements of Sagat's theme from Street Fighter II. And the icing on the cake? Naming it Thai Guy.

The Bad Dudes are back and this time, it's for real. Yes, we seriously did nothing but remixes of Sagat and you've never heard anything more rad in your life.


01 The OneUps - Live Thai Guy
02 Joshua Morse - Traveling Thai Guy
03 Tim Sheehy - Sly Thai Guy
04 Mustin - Sexxy Thai
05 Dale North - Abstracted Thai Guy
06 Kunal - Proggy Thai Guy
07 Mazedude - Alone with Tiger
08 zyko - Maita'i Roa
09 (Bonus) Mazedude - Sagat's Moonbike
10 (Bonus) Dhsu - Waltzing Thai Guy

So hurry up and head over to OneUpStudios and download the album now!

Bad Dudes - No Balls. No Glory compilation release

Those Bad Dudes from OneUps Studios are at it again! This time they have released a full re-imagining of the soundtrack from Super Dodgeball. Following their trend of epic album titles this one goes by the name of No Balls No Glory You can and should download it at!

In June of 1989, the United States was given a great gift. Super Dodgeball on the Nintendo Entertainment System. In 2008, we'll see a remake of this classic game unleashed on the Nintendo DS as Super Dodge Ball Brawlers.

In honor of this amazing game, which was nothing more than hard-core athletes throwing volleyballs at each other, The Bad Dudes have put together an album of arrangements of Kazuo Sawa's original Super Dodgeball video game score. Tracks were generally assigned by ethnicity (or proximity), which resulted in some amazingly unique arrangements - often with a little ethnic spice. So get some wrist bands, find the shortest shorts you can get your hands on and get ready to get whacked in the face by our balls.

8bitpeoples release Xinon vs. Sabrepulse - Realization & Stu - GreateST HITs

Kind of worn out from all the enormous posts lately. So I'm just going to toss up the 8bitpeoples company line for their two latest albums.

Now that the Blip Festival is over, 8bitpeoples gets back to business, pumping out the biggest, baddest chipmusic around. GET CLICKING. Love, 8bitpeoples.

8BP081 Stu: GreateST HITs

Finally, here's your chance to enjoy Stu's hard hitting dancefloortracks from the comfort of your own home! Don Atari electro and YM Rocker Stu, member of the infamous drop da bomb collective delivers you a handful of YM2149 killer tracks made on the Atari ST. As the famous German writer Goethe wrote: "In der Beschränkung zeigt sich erst der Meister," implying that limitation reveals the real mastery, and this is particulary true for Stu's ultra efficient electro and breakbeat flavoured music. A minimum of equipment with a maximum impact, in the creative hands of this Swiss maSTer.

8BP080 Xinon Vs Sabrepulse: Realization

Game Boy techno overload! LSDJ pop/trance conflict! 8bitpeoples proudly presents its first split release, an onslaught between two warring chiptune factions. Xinon provides five weapons-grade anthems, the bittersweet melodic prowess of "Attitude" setting up the bomb perfectly for the hard hitting "Vanishing Point," providing a critical blow to the enemy! Jetting hyperspeed into his adversary, Sabrepulse unloads a salvo of differing styles, with the ultrasweet pop dance party of "Hey Kate" at variance with the bass-laden sting of "Venom." This collection will open your ears to the realization that international chiptune relations are stronger than ever. VS Sabrepulse


So I updated the band list with band artists from # - A, so check that out. Also got a new link in the form of Chipcache, a label for some awesome chiptune artists like Animal Style and Acrodot. A sad moment for gaming music recently. The OneUps have broken up, but that loss comes with an upside. They are getting rid of their left over merchandise for low low prices if you head over to OneUp Studios. Also on a sad note, computer scientist Alan Kotok has passed away this week. A person who played an important role in the first computer game “Spacewar!” Bone up on your gaming history people!