Bad Dudes - No Balls. No Glory compilation release

Those Bad Dudes from OneUps Studios are at it again! This time they have released a full re-imagining of the soundtrack from Super Dodgeball. Following their trend of epic album titles this one goes by the name of No Balls No Glory You can and should download it at!

In June of 1989, the United States was given a great gift. Super Dodgeball on the Nintendo Entertainment System. In 2008, we'll see a remake of this classic game unleashed on the Nintendo DS as Super Dodge Ball Brawlers.

In honor of this amazing game, which was nothing more than hard-core athletes throwing volleyballs at each other, The Bad Dudes have put together an album of arrangements of Kazuo Sawa's original Super Dodgeball video game score. Tracks were generally assigned by ethnicity (or proximity), which resulted in some amazingly unique arrangements - often with a little ethnic spice. So get some wrist bands, find the shortest shorts you can get your hands on and get ready to get whacked in the face by our balls.