The OneUps - Super Mario Kart Album release

After announcing it sometime ago, The OneUps finally emerge from the studio with a brand new and highly anticipated release. Simply titled Super Mario Kart Album, it's clear what this album encompasses. We are presented with ten tracks covering all the memorable themes from the Title Theme right on through to the classic final track Rainbow Road.

Though Super Mario Kart is a well known title with beloved music, it seems that the soundtrack to the game has long gone overlooked by the rock and remix communities. So it is great to see that the group behind one of my favorite SMK remixes (Koopa Beach from The OneUps Volume 1) have come together to pay tribute to this gem of 16 bit gaming.

The entire album lays down some funky jazz rhythms starting off appropriately enough with a laid back latin jazz style rendition of the Title Theme which leads right into the funky moods of Mario Circuit. The album keeps things diverse with tracks like the drum driven Ghost Valley and the wintery tones of my personal favorite piece from the album, Vanilla Lake. This album would clearly make a great soundtrack for a laid back road trip or your upcoming summer barbecue with it's driving catchy tunes that provide a relaxing upbeat atmosphere.

The album is available now as a disc or digital download via The OneUps Bandcamp page for the reasonable price of $9.99. You can also give the soundtrack a listen in it's entirety on that same page. This is also a good time to mention that The OneUps' official site has gotten a fantastic make over care of the fantastic artist and web designer MazeDude.

Finally, here is a brand new video the folks at OneUp Studios and Waverly Films have put together for their first single from the album.