Welcome to World 2 available for online purchasing!

After a bit of a delay, we finally have online ordering available to those of you within the US (and maybe outside the country, still figuring out logistics and all)!

Just head straight over to the official Welcome to World 2 website at gamemusic4all.com/wtw2 to order the album, see what bands and songs are on it, read the liner notes provided by many of the bands, and even download 8 exclusive free songs! To get the album, a minimum donation of US $7 is required, but a donation of $12 or above will get you both the Welcome to World 2 album, as well as the Music EXP album, which is also for online sale!

Check out the Music EXP website at gamemusic4all.com/musicexp.

You can peruse the Music EXP site for a couple free b-sides from this album as well! Music EXP is our first anniversary compilation and still includes many songs only available on that CD. This one also retails for a donation of $7, but as I said before, $12 gets you both albums together!

A ton of wonderful musicians and artists have worked extremely hard on these albums and it truly shows! Thank you in advance to anyone who donates to receive an album!