Welcome to World 2 - Game Music 4 All Second Anniversary Compilation

Eclectic collection of video game inspired music from the friends of GM4A.

Purchase album: You can now download the album and pay any price you like (including zero) over on the bandcamp page for Welcome to World 2. You can still feel free to donate through our support page. Thank you for your support, and enjoy the album!

Thank you to all the bands on this album! Thanks to Jay Tholen for the amazing artwork! Also thanks to Z., Hex, MisterB, and Leo Camacho for the support! Finally thanks to Videogame Orchestra for mastering this album!


ARTIST LINKS Here are links to all the wonderful and amazing bands and musicians who appear on this album. Check out their music and you will not be disappointed!

Select Start perform Final Fantasy 6 Intro and Terra's Theme selectstartband.com/

Entertainment System peform Fire Emblem myspace.com/entertainmentsystem

Player Two performs likeyoulikeme and Stayin' Alive* myspace.com/p1ayertwo

Matheus Manente performs Bahamut Lagoon Suite myspace.com/matheuslopes

Danimal Cannon performs Apparently This Game Has Music armcannon.com

8 Bit Instrumental perform Solytari Flight 8bitinstrumental.com

Lucas Park performs Like Brambles in a Firestorm myspace.com/lucasparkthegreat

Random Encounter performs Warcraft 2 Human 1 myspace.com/randomencounterband

Spheres of Chaos perform Korobeiniki spheresofchaos.co.uk

The Megas perform The Message from Dr. Light themegas.com

8-bit Philharmonic performs Symphony No.1, Op.13 - "Of the Night" and The Belmont Legend* myspace.com/8bitphilharmonic

The Adventures of Duane and BrandO perform DOUBLE DRAGON and DUCK HUNT* myspace.com/theadventuresofduaneandbrando

Elijah B Torn performs FuckinVampireZombiePochi elijahbtorn.com/

This Arm Is Gun performs Bring Forth My Enemies myspace.com/thisarmisgun

Temp Sound Solutions performs Heart Pitches tempsoundsolutions.com

Videogame Orchestra performs Shinobi III - Japonesque feat. Girlz Melon and Dark Hero (VS Dual Core)* videogameorchestra.com

Dual Core perform End of the Beginning and Hostage Down* and appear on Dark Hero* by Videogame Orchestra dualcoremusic.com

Girlz Melon performs Reincarnated Soul and Aeris Theme* and appears on Shinobi III - Japonesque feat. Girlz Melon by Videogame Orchestra girlzmelon.co.uk/

Nicole Adams feat. starla perform Permutation myspace.com/nicoleadams84ocremix.org/remixer/injury/

Elfonso performs Great Sword myspace.com/elfonsomusic

Jay Tholen performs Wisdom Sequence* and created the cover artwork for this compilation jaytholen.net

Doctor Octoroc performs The War on 32-Bit Terror* doctoroctoroc.com/

All songs marked with * appear on the Welcome to World 2 Bonus Songs collection (no longer available).