Welcome to World 2 available for online purchasing!

After a bit of a delay, we finally have online ordering available to those of you within the US (and maybe outside the country, still figuring out logistics and all)!

Just head straight over to the official Welcome to World 2 website at gamemusic4all.com/wtw2 to order the album, see what bands and songs are on it, read the liner notes provided by many of the bands, and even download 8 exclusive free songs! To get the album, a minimum donation of US $7 is required, but a donation of $12 or above will get you both the Welcome to World 2 album, as well as the Music EXP album, which is also for online sale!

Check out the Music EXP website at gamemusic4all.com/musicexp.

You can peruse the Music EXP site for a couple free b-sides from this album as well! Music EXP is our first anniversary compilation and still includes many songs only available on that CD. This one also retails for a donation of $7, but as I said before, $12 gets you both albums together!

A ton of wonderful musicians and artists have worked extremely hard on these albums and it truly shows! Thank you in advance to anyone who donates to receive an album!

Level Up! Level 2! Tomorrow! Are we all set to rock!?

I just wanted to post a reminder about our concert, which is TOMORROW! CLICK HERE FOR FULL INFO. I hope we will be seeing a lot of you awesome readers in attendance, It will be awesome, I assure you! With acts like Hot Waffles, ZeaLouS1, The Megas, and Super Barrio Brothers to rock or rap your face off as necessary. Not to mention perhaps some appearances from Push Start and IllGill to boot. It should be an epic night of rocking out, and just hanging out with fellow gamers and music lovers. I for one can't wait!

Also, Don't forget! Our brand new compilation Welcome to World 2 will be available at the concert as well, for those interested in purchasing it!

Oh, also want to show off this awesome flier the CIA did for us!

Getting ready for Nerdapalooza South East

So looks like I am heading out tomorrow to partake in the festivities known as Nerdapalooza. An event taking place in Florida this July 4th and 5th. If you are in the area, you really have no choice but to attend!

Anyway, I'm just about all packed up. But before I head out I figured why not let you take a look at what I have been up to!

This is the case of our brand new compilation, Welcome to World 2 which celebrates our second anniversary as a website! Nerdapalooza is going to be the place of this compilations launch (although we are throwing our official launch party soon)! Artwork is by the amazing Jay Tholen, to which I give many props to. I'm busy burning more copies of the album as I write this in fact. I should have about 30-40 copies of the album to sell at Nerdapalooza. They are going to go for five bucks each for interested parties. And don't fret folks who won't be at NaP SE, the album should be going up for online sale shortly after I return home!

Also, WtW2 won't be the only compilation I'll be selling out there.
That's right! I will also have copies of our first anniversary compilation Music EXP for sale, as well as a handful of pressed Here Comes a New Challenger CD's. Both of which will also be going for five bucks each.

And finally, for those looking to represent GM4A in style (or just stick things on your friends stuff to bug them) we'll have plenty of stickers to get out to you fine folks!
This will probably be my last post from home, but expect sporadic Nerdapalooza updates throught the rest of the week!

Level Up! Level 2! Sunday July 13th in Los Angeles! [UPDATE]

That's right. GM4A has been in business another year, and in doing so are throwing another birthday bash!

Once again the show will be at the CIA in North Hollywood, California. Artists performing are some of LA's finest talent, such as The Megas, ZeaLouS1, and Super Barrio Brothers. It's going to be a fantastic concert to say the least!

The show is 10$ and the doors open at 8:30pm and the show starts at 9. Show up and hang out with us, watch some amazing music, and enjoy being amongst your VGIM brethren!

Also, this will be the official release of our second anniversary album Welcome to World 2! So if you are around Los Angeles, this will be the place to pick up the album!

[UPDATE] We have also just confirmed the band Hot Waffles to perform at the show as well!

2nd Anniversary today! Welcome to World 2 Anniversary Compilation announcement!

Man, two years, and I don't really know what to say. I can go through a giant everyone rocks list like I did on New Years, but I think that one still pretty much suffices as the standard. I could gloat about how our recent free compilations have gotten tons of downloads and that our page views have continued to outdo themselves every month this year. I could also probably beg you to donate money to the site (in that donate button at the top there) so that we can get bigger. I could even just yell at you for not spreading the word about this site more.

Nah. No heavy handed stuff this time. Maybe later though, you can never rule it out. What I do want to do today is simply tell you about our awesome new second anniversary compilation that is coming out very soon!

The album is called Welcome to World 2 and is a celebration of our second year running this site! We have some amazing musicians contributing exclusive songs to us this year for you to enjoy. Here's a rundown of all the bands confirmed so far.

8 Bit Instrumental
8-bit Philharmonic
The Adventures of Duane and BrandO
Danimal Cannon
Dual Core
Elijah B Torn
Entertainment System
Girlz Melon
Lucas Park
Matheus Manente
The Megas
Nicole Adams feat. starla
Player Two
Random Encounter
Select Start
Spheres of Chaos
Temp Sound Solutions
This Arm is Gun
Videogame Orchestra

All of the songs from these folks will be exclusive to this compilation! There will be even more musicians confirmed as well as we get closer to releasing this album! Hope everyone is excited to hear some amazing new tunes!

And here comes the heavy handed stuff now. I would like to sincerely thank every person I've had the chance to work with and talk to in the course of running this site. All your support, input, kindness, and most of all friendship is endlessly appreciated! You people know who you are!

Oh yeah, and if you are interested, check out our very first post