Check out the debut, self-titled chiptune rock album by Marshall Art

One of those albums you hate yourself for not posting when it dropped.

I love the shizz, and I love all the shizzies and other folks who appear on this far too short album.

This album seriously has everything, even SPAMTRON!

Review definitely incoming, been a while since I had some time alone with a brilliant chiptune album. 

Marshall Art is a transatlantic band made up of Jeffrey Roberts from Canada and Mikhail Ivanov from Russia. Combining the cold structural beauty of NES chiptunes and the hot energy of live guitar, they play instrumental music influenced by post-rock, progressive rock, ambient and various electronic genres.

Papercut You Into Little Pieces (05:21)

Asteroid Driller (06:11)

They’re Like Locusts (feat. spamtron) (05:52)

Nothing Can Be Fixed Here. God, Burn! (05:42)

Marshall Art (19:19)

All songs by Jeffrey Roberts / Mikhail Ivanov.
Except “They’re Like Locusts” by Jeffrey Roberts / Mikhail Ivanov / Guerin McMurry.

Additional vocals on “Marshall Art” by Cory Johnson, Cydran, C-jeff, destoo, Erik Peabody (Viking Guitar), GearX2, Harmsing, Hoodie, Janx, John Schock, Katamari, Level 99, Mama Ryn, Masha Zalivanskaya, Monte, Multi-Memory Controller, norg, Ryn, Travis Morgan, ViridianForge and zyko.

Mixing and additional production by Cory Johnson.
Cover art by Andrei Karlin.

Marshall Art would like to thank Andrei, brodan, Cory, Dino, Dmitry, Emily, Guerin, Hoodie, Remy, Legacy Printing & Design, pixie druid, The Shizz, Mandy and Masha.

Introducing game music contributor paxl13

nametag My name is Xavier LaRue and I would like to introduce myself. I'm a 28-year-old male programmer that hopes to share with you guys my love for music. I'm going to help genoboost write articles about music I love as well as many other subjects.

When I was young, I used to play a lot of video games on multiple platforms. I had an NES, a Game Boy, and games such as Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, and Chrono Trigger. The music in those games left their mark on me.

When I got around to listening to the intro song from the album Roots by Danimal Cannon, I literally fell in love within seconds. That was my chiptunes awakening shall I say. I couldn't believe that this was done using a single Game Boy and was totally impressed.


Danimal's first album is absolutely phenomenal, but I'm digressing already. After this discovery, I started hunting the web for more of that chip goodness and found Joshua Morse's first Waveform album which has become one of my favorite albums of all time.


Later on, I bought the first Indie Game Music Bundle and that was my VGM re-awakening. Since then, I've been listening almost exclusively to VGM and VGM related music.

My interest in music is pretty diverse, I enjoy pretty much everything related to VGM. To name a couple of things I absolutely love:

In conclusion, I'll try, through my words, to make you guys feel the passion I have for game music and help you discover more VGM.

Cheers, Xavier "paxl13" LaRue

Alex Mauer 3-pack of music-packed NES Gamepaks - Vegavox, Color Caves, & Vegavox II

The incomparable Alex Mauer has given in to demand and issued a second edition printing of three classic NES cartridge based albums. The most recent album, 2009's Vegavox II is available to purchase solo, or in the aforementioned triple pack, which also includes Mauer's NES Cartridge debut Vegavox, and sophomore follow-up Color Caves (both of which are unavailable to hear anywhere else.

Vegavox II is available to download digitally or in collectible gamepak form via Mauer's bandcamp page. The triple pack can also be found in the merch section. Check out the album, and line the walls of your game room with some truly rare NES games. Move fast though, because there only appears to be a handful left at the time this post goes live.

LA8Bit presents chiptune shows in Los Angeles January 18-20

Click for full size flyer

Los Angeles is all set for a chiptune/chipthrash/thrashchip invasion this weekend, and the party is going all weekend! As the flyer above states, the big show, Frequency 2.0, is happening at The Smell January 19th and 20th, but for those who can't even wait that long for some chiptune action,  there is also a preshow happening in Pasadena on the 18th.

Check out and the associated facebook page for full info.

Stemage - Where Good Marbles Go to Die (Marble Madness) album release

After almost thirty years, doctors have yet to come up with a cure for Marble Madness. Stemage gathers his friends to lament spherical fever in this seven song album. Along with musical geniuses such as xoc, housethegrate, and more, it may truly be, that all great artists have some form of marble madness...

Naxat - The Killing Jape album release

Naxat attax! The Killing Jape is now available for those interested in deadly pranks and pleasant drapes. A great album to listen to while fighting aliens in various otherworldly locales until you fall in love with an alien 'woman' who eventually rescues you from dying in the desert of an uncharted planet.

minibosses - brass 2: mouth album release

Stop and behold the might of the minibosses, the band that introduced me to this whole listening to video game music without concurrently playing a video game thing. The brass is back, and this time it's personal, in brass 2: mouth. Also, check out more art from the album by Matt Smith.

By the way, I love the Tecmo Bowl song, but can't help but hear xoc's lyrics from his T. Rex inspired tribute to Tecmo Bowl.

Alex Mauer - Koalie is Dead album release

Originally due to be killed in 2010, Koalie has survived on the edges of the internet. Now, Koalie is Dead, and it's all because of Alex Mauer. Dig the ominous NES catchiness like only Mr. Mauer can provide. Great music to get lost to, whether in a dark cave, or the open sea.

temp sound solutions - the self pace ep release

temp sound solutions is currently on a roll of divulging some forgotten tunes to the realm of bandcamp. Check out afx 118, otherwise known as the self pace ep, originally set to be released in 2006 on the now defunct Megatwerp chiptune netlabel. Only three bucks to get nine glitched-out songs to your computer.

DJ CUTMAN w/ Spamtron, Mykah, and dj-Jo - The TRIFORCE of BASS album release

Looks like DJ CUTMAN has fulfilled his destiny and found the three EPs that create the legendary Triforce of Bass. Grab it from the DJ CUTMAN bandcamp for free and hear tributes to Zelda from Skyward Sword to the original title that started it all.

Samurai Warrior - Usagi Yojimbo by Temp Sound Solutions

I could essentially write a book about Shawn Phase (the man behind temp sound solutions) and his influence on my view of video game music. He’s a divisive figure in the VGM/chiptune community to say the least, but if not for him being a welcoming member of the community when I was just starting out I wouldn’t have met many people and heard many sounds.

Samurai Warrior - Usagi Yojimbo was written by Shawn Phase of TSS back in 2006/07. A cover of a track from the Commodore 64 game of the same name. I believe it was originally an outtake that didn’t make it onto whichever NYPWP had recently been released at the time. He decided to clean up the product, using a meld of samples and heavy guitars that only Temp Sound Solutions can.

As for the song itself, it’s damn catchy if you ask me, but I have a fascination with tracks which just have talking, and not singing. It’s the horribly nerdy writer in me, I’m sorry. The song has a hell of a party feel to it, and the Usagi Yojimbo theme is definitely rocking. Also, I’ve always assumed these samples were from a MAGFest or something, but I could be way off base with that assumption.

Nario releases More of Me EP

Nario recently released an original chiptune EP titled More of Me. It is the followup to his 2009 album Most of Me and covers a diverse selection of genre influences such as rock, electro pop, dance and industrial. The wide array of styles is presented through Nario's distinctive 8-bit soundbed and his ear for harmonic structure. The EP is available through the skrow!media label and on Bandcamp, as well as a physical CD with bonus tracks.

Dj CUTMAN - The Legend of Dubstep mixtape release

So there are those who like dubstep, and those who do not. I am firmly in the former camp, and in case you don't believe where my loyalties lie, then just ask me how much I love this new mixtape by Dj CUTMAN. Right from the cold opening of Arion's Pokémon Dubstep Theme Song as it builds into Pikachu dropping a lightning bolt of warbling bass, I'm already on board for the next 40 minutes.

The Legend of Dubstep heads out from the world of Pokemon to visit my old friend Spamtron with his NES Mix of Lost Woods. We hear more great Zelda remixes from Ephixa, including his own rendition of Lost Woods, and my personal favorite, Song of Storms. a classic Tetris tune by Doctor P, and get a little heavy hearted with remixes of Corrider of Time (Chrono Trigger) and Terra's Theme (Final Fantasy 6) via Mekamodo, and Yeahdef respectively. Added all together you wind up with over half an hour of pulsating bass and chopped up, remixed VGM.

I highly suggest setting this album to play next time you are throwing down in a round of Mortal Kombat or the fighting game of your choice. I may be a little biased, but I am pretty sure every fight was more awesome with dubstep.

That brings me to a question. What will be the first game to throw down with an original dubstep soundtrack. Although, I hope, with asking the question, someone will point me to an amazing one that has already been made. Then I won't even have to do any of the leg work.

Anyway, go grab this album via Dj CUTMAN's website. Then let him know that if he ever does another dubstep mix, that Zircon's latest track, Ashes to Ashes, included on the recently released Harmony of a Hunter, has got to be worked in somehow.

The Dark Side of the Moon - The 8-bit Album

Not content with the wild success of Weezer - The 8-bit Album, Pterodactyl Squad have released a similar tribute album, this time producing an 8-bit replica of Pink Floyd's 1973 album, The Dark Side of the Moon.

Although attempted numerous times before, Pterodactyl Squad have finally done the original album justice with the definitive 8-bit interpretation of Pink Floyd's progressive rock classic. Produced as an 8-bit mirror of the original, the music on this release was created using sounds from various old games consoles including the Sega Mega Drive and Nintendo Game Boy.

The release sees each track tackled by a different artist with contributions from Bit_Rat, EvilWezil, khades, Rabato, sergeeo, Videogame Orchestra, Jason Vincion, echosignal (C-jeff) and Temp Sound Solutions, and art by Steve Jenkins of Crystal Labs.

You can download the whole release for free over at

MAGFest announces full band roster for MAGFest 9 this January

Recently, the biggest convention of VG music fans and musicians in America, MAGFest, has announced their highly anticipated list of performing acts for next year. There isn't much to add to this, so just look below in awe at all the incredible talent performing. Not only brand new never before seen at MAGFest bands, but also the standard amazing acts, as well as several who haven't performed since MAGFests long since passed. Check out the bands below, and then head over to and grab your tickets now!

Featured Game Music Bands: The Protomen ( The Minibosses ( The OneUps ( Metroid Metal ( Armcannon ( Bit Brigade ( The Megas ( Year 200X ( X-Hunters ( Entertainment System ( This Place Is Haunted (

Not only will these acts be performing every night of this fest, but the floors will also be home to a cavalcade of video game composers and special guests. Check out the still growing line up over at this link! Rare Candy (

Pizza and Chips 4 chiptunes and nerdcore concert - Tomorrow 10/08 in Rosemead,CA

Just a reminder, Pizza and Chips 4, a free concert in the Los Angeles area, is happening tomorrow night! It is a free show of chiptunes and nerdcore, with tons of great performances! Full info on the flyer above, or through the event page.

A bit of bad news though, unfortunately Mr. Spastic has had to cancel his performance due to unforeseen circumstances, but taking his place is the amazing Jake 'virt' Kaufman! He has composed the music to Contra IV for DS, as well as the new game Shantae: Risky's Revenge (soundtrack available free) and tons more! Not to mention his brilliant chiptune music on his website Big Lion Music and his VG cover band The Smash Brothers. So be sure to check out his tunes before you see him rock the stage tomorrow night!

Also, many artists will have merch and we will be taking donations to help organize more chiptune events in the future, so be sure to bring a few bucks for some great merch and delicious hand tossed pizza!

Once again, full concert info can be found at the official event page or the Facebook event page. Concert begins at 5PM but feel free to come on in early to chat with artists or grab some pizza!

Now check out some footage below of Wizwars performing at Pizza and Chips 2 to get yourself in the mood for tomorrow!

Pizza and Chips 4: Chiptune and Nerdcore concert in Los Angeles 10/08/10

Come on out for an awesome free chiptune show in dedication of Rose City Pizza's one year anniversary in business! Not to mention a years worth of shows at this great venue! We will be having a fantastic Friday nights worth of nerdcore and chiptune music. Rose City will also be having some amazing pizza deals all day (which you can see below)!

Artists will include some amazing return performances by Wizwars, EvilWezil and more. We will also have some amazing new talent with WMX and the funky chiptune stylings of Mr. Spastic. With all these amazing acts it will definitely not be a night to miss. Be sure to get there soon as well, as space is limited.

And finally, GM4A will be taking donations at this event to organize even bigger and better shows, so bring some spare change to help these chiptune shows going in Los Angeles!

Help spread the word. Event page on Facebook Retweet event on Twitter

Friday, October 8 · 5:00pm - 9:00pm

Rose City Pizza 3588 Rosemead Blvd Rosemead CA. 91770 (In Rosemead Square Plaza)

Performances by awesome chiptune and nerdcore musicians:

Rose City Pizza will also be having some delicious deals as well!

  • 2 for $5 slices all day.
  • 14" specialty pizzas are $10

So come on out to this event on Friday, October 8th at Rose City Pizza in the Rosemead Square Plaza!

Yes, Mayhem self titled album release

Yes, Mayhem
Yes, Mayhem

It's not often that I post music that is so far removed from video games, but there are always those few rare instances, of which I believe this is one. Considering that the musicians involved in this album were so heavily influenced by video games in their other endeavors, this site would be doing a disservice to readers and music lovers everywhere to not write about the debut self titled album by Yes, Mayhem.

Created by Dan 'Chunkstyle' Taylor and boasting all stars of VG Rock such as XoC, Danimal of Armcannon, Ryan8Bit, Stemage of Metroid Metal and several more, Yes, Mayhem definitely has it's roots firmly planted in the VG music culture. The album sounds like a love letter to the 90's rock radio that played during those sessions of Donkey Kong Country and Sonic The Hedgehog. Yes, Mayhem displays a mood of grunge metal rock stylings that tread across classic styles, borrowing the best of each in the process. Yes, Mayhem is a great listen for anyone that grew up listening to the music of that era like these folks and I did. That's not to say that the album doesn't cross new ground though, as Chunkstyle and friends incoporate synths, samples, and interesting lyrics to keep things fresh throughout.

Through out the album your ears will be assaulted by a ton of various genres and styles, starting with the slow heavy mood of Release, on through the laid back calm of Take 2. Not to mention pieces like the accordion tinged rock of Whore Shoes, with it's aged guitars and chanting vocals. I believe my favorite track on the album though, is the hard rocking synth infused sounds of Fevered Egos. This track kicks off hard, and only gets harder from there, throwing down an awesome to the point of almost absurd keyboard solo just to start the song. Not to mention the funky bass lines weaving into the song add a nice groove to the intense rocking.

As I have kept repeating through this short write up, this album is a fantastic debut, and I hope to hear more from Chunkstyle and friends in this vein in the future. I am sure you will as well once you grab the album, which is available to download free or for donation over at and I highly recommend giving it a listen. It may not be the VG music you know and love, but it comes from some of the most talented folks in the VG inspired music community, and will definitely satisfy that urge for a great new rock album.