Shnabubula - Controller 1 album release

Take a journey across the face of an old NES controller. Each button has a story to tell if you’re willing to listen. Some of them have been forsaken by their fellow buttons while others are living the good life. Come listen and find out what goes on inside your controller when you’re not around.

Damn, what could I possibly add to that description? Coming our way from the folks at II (pause). This album is intense and has some of the most amazing riffs, hooks, and beats I have heard in chiptunes, brought to us by the incredible Shnabubula. I have been anticipating this album for a while since I've been hearing so much praise for it from the man, Shawn Phase, who produced this fine record. This album is 7 tracks long and free to download so go download it right now!

Artwork by Francis Coulombe

[UPDATE] The more I listen to this album, the more I love it. In fact, I have not stopped listening to this album since I started listening to it. Every person who reads this should download it immediately!