Daniel Brown - Mystic Awakening: Music of Final Fantasy VI album release

VG Pianist Daniel Brown has released his first album ever in Mystic Awakening: Music of Final Fantasy VI

This CD contains 21 tracks arranged and performed by myself. The transcriptions were made with the intent to honor as many original details (keys, tempi, registers, chord voicings, sound layers) as pianistically reasonable. I felt that these tracks deserved more faithfulness and respect to the "original sound" versions than is usually heard in Final Fantasy piano arrangements.

From what I've heard so far this is an amazing album. You can check out samples of all 21 tracks as well at Daniel Brown's website. Also, at his website, you can make a purchase of the full CD for $8 ($3 US Shipping). This album has been highly recommended, so go check it out, and help support his first album, so he can be convinced to do more!