Brian Davis - More Games album release

I have been listening to this album for a good while now, and feel like it is my duty to bring this great album out into a larger light. It was re-released back in 2008, and I only heard of it earlier this year myself. It is a fantastic, but short collection of some amazing live instrument covers of classic video games. This collection is by one Brian Davis and goes by the simple but appropriate name More Games. The album itself is available via this thread or you can download file right here.

The album takes us quickly through many memorable and cult classic gaming themes, kicking off with Chrono Trigger, and some underrated classics like Gradius 3, Secret of Evermore, AVP, and UN Squadron. There is certainly something for everyone here, but emphasis is especially placed on many SNES classics. The album clocks in at a short 22 minutes for 13 tracks, which sadly goes by a bit too quickly. The bright side to this is that the songs never overstay their welcome, and blend together very well so that you have rocked out to the entire album before you know it. This is a bit of a cult classic album that should definitely be on your playlist ASAP.