now youre playing with powar vii: launch every zig...for great justice! Track listing announced!

Straight from Shawn Phase himself I have received the final track listing for his highly anticipated now youre playing with powar vii which has the awesome subtitle launch every zig...for great justice! The album is being released at next years MAGFest VI where Shawn Phase i.e. Temp Sound Solutions shall be unveiling a full band for the first time. Definitely a way to kick off 2008 with a bang VGM wise.

The new Temp Sound Solutions album will be selling at $10 via paypal, $13 for international orders, or the low price of $8 if you'll be attending MAGfest (which I will not be AGAIN sadly).

So without further dawdling, here are the tracks, straight from the mouth of Shawn Phase! You can also hear and download a handful of amazing tracks from the album through the song links!

now youre playing with powar vii: launch every zig...for great justice! 27 songs of maxed-out video game covers!
01 - top gun
02 - un squadron front line base
03 - festers quest
04 - hotdog storm stage 1
05 - bonks adventure
06 - sonic and knuckles flying battery zone
07 - godzilla earth
08 - godzilla mars
09 - aismikkun land
10 - battletoads ragged gnar rox
11 - paladins quest overworld
12 - gunsmoke
13 - shinobi
14 - asterix
15 - ffvi new continent
16 - final fantasy vi illusion world
17 - crystalis
18 - ironsword
19 - goonies vii
20 - sonic springyard
21 - swords and serpents
22 - nightmare on elm st
23 - un squadron boss
24 - lava stage
25 - air nagi
26 - evergreen

If you are as excited about this album as I am (AND YOU SHOULD BE!) You can join in with other folks anticipating this album in the appropriate theshizz forum thread!