Temp Sound Solutions - Now Your Playing With Powar 8: This Is Where I Usually Die album release

Along with the coming and going of MAGFest also came Temp Sound Solutions newest VG Cover album Now Youre Playing With Powar 8: This Is Where I Usually Die which is available to order for $10 at the Temp Sound Solutions website. From what I have heard there are very limited supplies since MAGFest so definitely order quickly or you will have to wait for the next batch!

As you all know quite well by now I am a huge fan of TSS and couldn't say more except this is surely another amazing and interesting album from Shawn Phase and crew. So I will let Shawn Phase explain things in his own words.

Now Youre Playing With Powar 8: This Is Where I Usually Die is the 8th video game cover CD by Temp Sound Solutions. This 25 song album depicts emotions brought forth of games with seemingly excessive difficulty levels and the lasting impression that comes with them. While some game soundtracks for difficult games are horrible, TSS projects a vision of understanding and innocence for the music that accompanies some of the more challenging games of our childhood. This project took more than a year in the making, and features a wide array of performers past and present of the TSS roster, as well as guests such as Wire Mcquaid from Game Over, Mike Zucker of This Place Is Haunted, and Shnabubula. A true milestone record in the AFX discography, NYPWP 8 is a record that represents both a starting point and an end point in the history of this band. This release is available on 5" CD with full color art for the first time in NYPWP history.


01 - Im Still Alive
02 - Tornadoman
03 - AITMK (ghost house, pirate ship)
04 - Anticipation
05 - Crystalis
06 - Double Dragon (mission theme)
07 - Gimmick! (Stage 1, Boss)
08 - Kid Icarus (stage 2)
09 - Maunkey Island (opening)
10 - Moon Crystal (stage 1,4)
11 - Dr Jeckyl & Mr Hyde
12 - Commando
13 - Hardman
14 - Starship Hector
15 - Axelay (stage 6)
16 - CV 2 Within These Castle Walls
17 - SMB 3 Boss Fight
18 - Milons Secret Castle
19 - Phoenix Wright Godot Theme
20 - Un Squadron Enemy Air
21 - Un Squadron Boss Lv 5
22 - Final Fantasy Within The Giant
23 - Final Fantasy 3j Medley
24 - Journey To Silius Endtheme

there's track samples at the band myspace and the band webpage.
also, moon crystal is on housethegrate's myspace, so go check that out there and give him some love on his player there.

the CD is $10, you can order it with paypal or hit me up if you want to do it other ways. first time i've printed a real CD too, check this record out because its pretty mental.