Updated Band Listing 5/15/07

We have an entire EIGHT new bands on the newly updated band list this week. Some big ones are getting introduced to the list this week as well. Check out all the musical goodness.

CCIVORY - 8 bit/New Wave/Pop - Savannah, GA, US http://www.myspace.com/ccivory

Cheap Dinosaurs - 8 Bit/Chiptune - Philadelphia, PA, US http://myspace.com/cheapdinosaurs

Computadora Feliz - 8bit/Electro/Experimental - Berlin, Germany http://www.myspace.com/computadorafeliz

FirestARTer - 8 Bit/Micromusic - Wuppertal, Germany http://www.firestarter-music.de

Mauer, Alex - 8 Bit/Chiptune - Philadelphia, PA, US http://myspace.com/alexmauer

Raggle Fraggle - IDM/Trance - South Carolina, US http://www.myspace.com/ragglefragglemusic

Sabrepulse - Breakbeat/Electronica/Ambient - Gabberdeen, Scotland, UK http://www.myspace.com/sabrepulse

William Sides Atari Party - Electrocrash/Glitchcore/Crunk - Chicago, IL, US http://www.myspace.com/williamsidesatariparty