Chiptune Alliance Tour 2009

A massive success over the last two years, the Chiptune Alliance Tour returns to the UK in September, bringing some of the world's finest chiptune talent to the attention of UK fans, this year featuring Sabrepulse, GOTO80, Fighter X, Henry Homesweet and Spheres of Chaos.

There are seven dates on the tour this year, and if you're anywhere near any of the shows, make sure to get down there and rave to chiptunes all night. This year's tour is bound to be the best yet!

LUTON - Sabrepulse, GOTO80, Fighter X, Henry Homesweet
BOURNEMOUTH - Sabrepulse, GOTO80, Fighter X, Henry Homesweet, Dexter, Amy Can Fly
NEWPORT - Sabrepulse, GOTO80, Fighter X, Henry Homesweet, Shirobon
SHEFFIELD - Sabrepulse, GOTO80, Fighter X, Henry Homesweet, Spheres of Chaos
LIVERPOOL - Sabrepulse, GOTO80, Fighter X, Henry Homesweet, TBA
EDINBURGH - Sabrepulse, GOTO80, Fighter X, NO HENRY HOMEWSWEET, Big Box Little Box, Mexico Fallz
GLASGOW - Sabrepulse, GOTO80, Fighter X, NO HENRY HOMEWSWEET, Big Box Little Box, Mexico Fallz

Find out more information on the MySpace page and Twitter page.

New episode of STFUAJPGM

Chiptune podcast STFUAJPGM have just released their 5th episode, this one curated by yours truly, Joe Allen of the Gamewave Podcast.

As usual, each episode combines a mixtape of chiptune music, art, video and text, all centered around a particular theme. The theme for Episode 5 was Space, and we chose music from x|k, RushJet1, Skip, SLiVeR, Sabrepulse and Phlogiston. Check out the page for Episode 5 here, or download the ZIP here.

Gamewave Podcast post Chiptune Alliance Tour 2008 video

The Gamewave Podcast has just posted some video footage from the Chiptune Alliance Tour 2008.

Now in its second year, the Chiptune Alliance Tour recently hit the road, bringing some of the world's finest chiptune artists to the attention of UK fans. We filmed some footage on the night and have uploaded some of the best bits to the podcast feed (go to the Episodes page for direct links to the video). The video comes in two parts, but download both to witness live sets from Sabrepulse, Random, Spheres of Chaos, Firebrand Boy and syphus!

Also, be on the lookout for a special guest host episode of the Gamewave Podcast from the team behind the Letters vs Numbers podcast!

And check out this Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Chemical Plant Zone cover by Spheres of Chaos from the same show (this song soon to be featured on GM4A's Sega Genesis/Mega Drive Tribute compilation).

Chiptune Alliance Tour 2008!

The Chiptune Alliance Tour is an annual event which seeks to bring the biggest international talent within the chiptune community to the shores of the UK!

September 2007 saw amazing performances from USK, Maru, Calis, Sabrepulse, Random, Syphus, Little Penguin and Flanboy.

August 2008 will showcase the talents of Anamanaguchi, Random, Sabrepulse, Firebrand Boy, Syphus, Henry Homesweet, We Are The Future, Spheres of Chaos and Unicorn Kid. Be sure to check the artists for each night as the line-up will vary throughout the tour.









As you can see, a couple of dates still need venues, so if you can help out, get in touch with Sabrepulse.

For more info, visit

RIP Sabrepulse - 2002 - 2008

SabrePulse // Blip Festival 2007: The Videos from 2 Player Productions on Vimeo.

Very sad news in the world of chiptunes today. Sadly, Sabrepulse is calling it quits to the world of chiptunes, and music. He explains best.

Just to let everyone know, I've updated my profile with some pretty important news.

An apology to fans who were expecting me to be at the Pixel Party in Kingston two nights ago. Unforseen circumstances have led to me taking the decision to cut short my plans for perfomance and production and exit the world of music. It's not an easy decision, but things change.

I've had an absolutely incredible time, played shows, met incredible people and travelled to places and countries i'd never had seen otherwise - and for someone just making music on a laptop and a handful of gameboys I've got more praise and attention than I ever expected or (in my opinion!) deserved.

I won't be playing the Newport gig (29th feb) or the Brighton shows (20th march) due to sudden commitments, however my final performance as Sabrepulse will be at the Newcastle Carling Academy 2 on the 17th March 2008. Please check the 'upcoming gigs' section of my profile to be linked to the ticket office.

The last release will be an 8 track e.p entitled 'Turbo City' which will be available to download freely during march.

All of my music will continue to be available to download for free to the left of my profile for some time so please help yourself.

Thanks for all the support and friends I've made over the years through making music, and thanks very much for listening.


We at GM4A, along with many many people I'm sure, will miss Sabrepulse. We wish him the best of luck in all his future endeavors, and in his life.

Be sure to check out all of Sabrepulse's amazing albums from his myspace page and see him off at his last show in Newcastle on March 17th. Also be sure to grab his final EP Turbo City when it drops.


8bitpeoples release Xinon vs. Sabrepulse - Realization & Stu - GreateST HITs

Kind of worn out from all the enormous posts lately. So I'm just going to toss up the 8bitpeoples company line for their two latest albums.

Now that the Blip Festival is over, 8bitpeoples gets back to business, pumping out the biggest, baddest chipmusic around. GET CLICKING. Love, 8bitpeoples.

8BP081 Stu: GreateST HITs

Finally, here's your chance to enjoy Stu's hard hitting dancefloortracks from the comfort of your own home! Don Atari electro and YM Rocker Stu, member of the infamous drop da bomb collective delivers you a handful of YM2149 killer tracks made on the Atari ST. As the famous German writer Goethe wrote: "In der Beschränkung zeigt sich erst der Meister," implying that limitation reveals the real mastery, and this is particulary true for Stu's ultra efficient electro and breakbeat flavoured music. A minimum of equipment with a maximum impact, in the creative hands of this Swiss maSTer.

8BP080 Xinon Vs Sabrepulse: Realization

Game Boy techno overload! LSDJ pop/trance conflict! 8bitpeoples proudly presents its first split release, an onslaught between two warring chiptune factions. Xinon provides five weapons-grade anthems, the bittersweet melodic prowess of "Attitude" setting up the bomb perfectly for the hard hitting "Vanishing Point," providing a critical blow to the enemy! Jetting hyperspeed into his adversary, Sabrepulse unloads a salvo of differing styles, with the ultrasweet pop dance party of "Hey Kate" at variance with the bass-laden sting of "Venom." This collection will open your ears to the realization that international chiptune relations are stronger than ever. VS Sabrepulse

Return of the Gamewave Podcast

After 4 months away the Gamewave Podcast returns! Episode 31 is now available featuring awesome music from Hige Driver, Disasterpeace, Nullsleep, Norrin_Radd and Sabrepulse. Make sure you're subscribed to the feed to receive new episodes as they're released.

A new web banner is now available too. Show your allegiance to the GWPC by inserting this code into your webpage:
<a href=""><img src=""></a>

Chiptune Alliance Tour!

We recently received a distress call from a chiptune organization in need!!
GM4A justice force, GO!!

and here is the email:

"Hi Guys,
I'm organizing a tour for the last week of September across the UK with the
following artists:
*USK from Fukuoka, Japan
*MARU from Fukuoka, Japan
*CALIS from Falköping, Sweden
*SABREPULSE from Aberdeen, Scotland

plus local support from the following artists on certain dates:

*FIREBRAND BOY from Glasgow, Scotland
*HENRY HOMESWEET from Ipswich, England

Dates for all the shows are as follows:-

*(the following dates are no a part of the CHIPTUNE ALLIANCE TOUR, these are just the dates USK/MARU are playing as part of their European leg in association with MICRODISKO and 2 other promoters)

@ Sat 15th Sept - Microdisko, Stockholm (USK, MARU + MORE)
@ Tue 18th Sept - Microdisko, Oslo (USK, MARU + MORE)
@ Thu 20th Sept - Robodock Festival, Amsterdam (USK, MARU + MORE)
@ Sat 22nd Sept - ZXZW Festival @ Tilburg (USK, MARU + MORE)

*(this is where the CHIPTUNE ALLIANCE TOUR starts)

@ Sun 23rd Sept - O'Henrys, Glasgow (USK, MARU, CALIS, SABREPULSE + FIREBRAND BOY)
@ Mon 24th Sept - The Cooperage, Newcastle (USK, MARU, CALIS, SABREPULSE)
@ Tue 25th Sept - The Cellar, Oxford (USK, MARU, CALIS, SABREPULSE)
@ Wed 26th Sept - The Frog & Parrot, Sheffield (FREE GIG!) (USK, MARU, CALIS, SABREPULSE + SPHERES OF CHAOS)
@ Thu 27th Sept - Chinnerys, Southend-On-Sea, Essex (USK, MARU, CALIS, SABREPULSE + HENRY HOMESWEET)
@ Fri 28th Sept - TJ's, Newport, Wales (USK, MARU, CALIS, SABREPULSE + MORE)
@ Sat 29th Sept - The Hat Factory, Luton (USK, MARU, CALIS, SABREPULSE)
@ Sun 30th Sept - Water Rats, Kings Cross, London (USK, MARU, CALIS, SABREPULSE)

Further information on the tour (artist additions etc etc) will be posted on
Any queries about the tour can be either messaged to us on there, or to

Thanks a lot,

Well there you have it!
Tons of fun and lots of places it's going down. Be sure to check it out, or at least check out the bands.

Updated Band Listing 5/15/07

We have an entire EIGHT new bands on the newly updated band list this week. Some big ones are getting introduced to the list this week as well. Check out all the musical goodness.

CCIVORY - 8 bit/New Wave/Pop - Savannah, GA, US

Cheap Dinosaurs - 8 Bit/Chiptune - Philadelphia, PA, US

Computadora Feliz - 8bit/Electro/Experimental - Berlin, Germany

FirestARTer - 8 Bit/Micromusic - Wuppertal, Germany

Mauer, Alex - 8 Bit/Chiptune - Philadelphia, PA, US

Raggle Fraggle - IDM/Trance - South Carolina, US

Sabrepulse - Breakbeat/Electronica/Ambient - Gabberdeen, Scotland, UK

William Sides Atari Party - Electrocrash/Glitchcore/Crunk - Chicago, IL, US

Anamanaguchi UK tour

New York Nintendo powerpop gang Anamanaguchi begin their UK tour on March 9th in Aberdeen. They'll also be hitting Glasgow, Sheffield, Derby, Nottingham, Farnham, Guildford and Oxford along with acts such as Firebrand Boy, Sabrepulse, Spheres of Chaos and Elfonso. If you're in the UK be sure to witness Anamanaguchi and their trademark awesomeness. Find out more from their MySpace page.

Hidden Fortress Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Select, Remix" Volume 1 (September 18, 2006)


“After working on several remixes of chiptune-esque artists and working closely with Pixelh8 in producing his upcoming album "Videogames Ruined My Life" we decided to contact a few of our myspace friends "Stochastic" and "Air Fortress", we also stumbled upon "Game Music 4 All" and their myspace page which linked in a few others, we found the music of "Bubblyfish" on the end credits of a circuit bending documentary on and was blown away,and when we managed to convince "Aleksi Eeben" and "8 Bit Weapon" who we are a huge fans of, we were over the moon, we then slowly convinced and built up a list of very impressive artists, who were willing to take part in the project.

8 Bit Weapon, Stochastic, Pixelh8, Air Fortress, GOTO80, Aonami, Atarimatt, Sabrepulse, Bubblyfish, Burnkit2600 KPLECRAFT, 8 Bit Betty, Sm@rth, Makkina, Hi Score, Tree Wave, Action Adventure, Kidd Video, MSX Crew, Aleksi Eeben & more

The project then became so big, and due to our now hectic schedule, and to not keep you waiting for too long. We decided to divide into two volumes and so here is volume 1.

1) Kidd Video - "I Need A Quarter" remix of "25 Cents"

2) Msx Crew - "Blitz Pixel" remix of "Pixel Addict"

3) Pixelh8 - "Baby Buggy" remix of "Baby Carrier"

4) Makkina - "And I Will Listen" remix of "Speak To Me"

5) Sm@rth - "Creepy Castle" remix of "Castle Freak"

6) GOTO80- "For N To Equal 80" remix of "Stag 3"

7) Stochastic - "Hexidecimalover" remix of "The Binary Walls Between Us"

8) HiScore - "Hyper Score" remix of "CX2600"

9) Air Fortress - "I Am Looking For You" remix of "Secret Spacestation"

10) Bubblyfish - "Opacity" remix of "Translucent"

11) Burnkit2600 - "Feel The Burn" remix of "Loafyness"

12) Tree Wave - "I Am Someone" remix of "May Banners"

13) Aleksi Eeben - "No Point Of Reference" remix of "Space Man Far Away From Home"

14) 8 Bit betty - "Immobilizer" remix of "And I Know That You're Happy"

The sounds of videogames/chips/circuit bending always cheers me up, the usually upbeat cheery melodies made the project even more fun, we hope you enjoy the outcome, check out the artists and their pages. Our main aim was to bring the wonderful and varied sounds of chiptune to our friends and to further connect the world of chiptune artists with each other. I would sincerely like to thank all of those who have taken part, this project is free to download so more of you can hear and enjoy it.

Lots Of Love, Matthew & Junko”

Awesome mention from them. Anyway, their album can be found here or through Hidden Fortress’s myspace page.

Dataage, Megatwerp, ArcadeComa, Entertainment System, Elijah B. Torn, Phlogiston, Sabrepulse, Magfest Magfestroid, Vaunt! Vaunt!

Dataage has a big show coming up in San Francisco, Ca. It will include two rooms full of music as well as art by Nanospore and others.

Megatwerp is hosting a concert at Ground Kontrol in Portland, OR this August 19th.

ArcadeComa has a new song entitled Killing Time. Entertainment System has two new tracks for download. Both live recordings from 8 Bit Genocide, Tetris and Arkanoid. Elijah B. Torn has his album Sarge Shukar Rough for sale on iTunes. Pholigiston also has two new songs up Aim for Justice! and Insert. Sabrepulse has two of his albums, Famicom Connection and the Terra Ep, both available free for download on his site.
More Metroid anniversary news, check out the Magfest Magfestroid shirt which you can pick up at cafepress for $20.

Finally, if your nerd music experience doesn’t start or end with video games, definitely check out VAUNT! VAUNT! This Portland, Oregon based site is all about nerd rock, VGM included.