Updated Band Listing 7/19/2007

Finally we have a small update to the band list here at GM4A. Just four bands have been added but great bands none the less. Check them out below!

Anne Amelie - Electronic/Low-Tech MIDI - Fayetteville, AR, US http://myspace.com/anneamelie

environmental sound collapse - Experimental/Electronica - Schaumburg, Illinois, US http://www.soundcollapse.org/esc.htm

Glomag - 8 Bit/Pop/Chiptune - New York, NY http://www.glomag.com/

Shirobon- Chiptune/electro - London, United Kingdom, England http://www.myspace.com/shirobonmusic

Also, ultra apologies (or ultrapologies) to Tanooki Rebirth for not updating his info sooner!