The Mimmos' self titled album

The Mimmos - The Mimmos.jpg

When I first hit play on this EP, it suddenly washed over me how much I enjoy this band. The album seems to pick up right where 2015's Rowboat EP left off. Building from the lo-fi crunch of Rowboat to the clear, assured sounds of this album, it feels like a nice, natural progression of The Mimmos' sound. As with the previous album, there are many references to water, the sea, and water related things, which I really love. Water might be my second favorite reference point for music, the first being outer space.

Amanda Caucci: Vocals
Matt Caucci: Guitar, Bass, Synthesizers
Rob Shelton: Synthesizers, Glockenspiel
Jason Slota: Drums, Percussion, Vibraphone
— The Mimmos