The Mimmos debut synthpop EP 'Rowboat'

Washed away. 

I got a message recently from Matt and Amanda, the duo behind the mimmos, apparently I had reviewed their work years earlier, in the form of 'the mimos'. Back in 2013 I ran across the album, an unhealthy obsession with vast and empty places, and wrote a bit about it. I was surprised to see I had actually written only a short paragraph, considering I listened to the infectious closing track of that 2010 album quite a number of times. 

Luckily The Mimmos have returned with an extra M, and a rich new sound. This means I can make up for my past transgressions with a more in depth review of Rowboat, the pair's brand new four track EP.

This album pushes every one of my artsy electronic indie pop buttons. I'm melting as I listen to this, in a good way. The sounds just wash over me and it's hard to do much else than to drown in the static soaked lo-fi sounds of the duo's four track debut.

Rowboat is the debut EP by The Mimmos. It was recorded and mixed by Matt Caucci in Berwyn Pennsylvania. The drums for Come in Rover One, Speak Hands and A Fox in the Night were performed by Jeremy Kuhar and recorded by Barry Knob at Retro City Studios in Philadelphia. The Mimmos wish to thank Paula Hanson for tremendous advice and support with mix and mastering. The EP was mastered by Dan Coutant at Sun Room Audio.
— The Mimmos