The Mimmos' self titled album

The Mimmos' self titled album

When I first hit play on this EP, it suddenly washed over me how much I enjoy this band. The album seems to pick up right where 2015's Rowboat EP left off. Building from the lo-fi crunch of Rowboat to the clear, assured sounds of this album, it feels like a nice, natural progression of The Mimmos' sound. As with the previous album, there are many references to water, the sea, and water related things, which I really love. Water might be my second favorite reference point for music, the first being outer space.

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"Battle vs Team Plasma" (feat. Animatissimo) from Pokémon Black & White

Name: “Battle vs Team Plasma”
Songs: Battle vs Team Plasma, Battle vs Ghetsis
Game: Pokémon Black & White
Original Composers: Junichi Masuda
Arrangements: Pokérus

Recorded live for the first time at PokéRaymi 2015 in Lima, Perú. With the amazing musicians of “Animatissimo”!

Visit Animatissimo´s Page:
— Pokerus

Arrange EP by Project Dolphin free to download

Rumored to exist

This group seems to have some sort of mystical shoot-em-up tinged style that I can't get enough of. I'm absolutely in love with the EP opening track Airship Stage. 

Project Dolphin is a personal favorite of mine, but I failed to write about this album closer to release, thanks to one of this site's many past crashes. Hopefully Squarespace doesn't put me in the same situation (fingers crossed). 

It’s free! Download it now and check out our other EP ‘Silvergun’
— Project Dolphin