'Virtuoso,' smooth nerdcore hip hop from Aramis

Some eclectic rhymes by Aramis on his latest album. It's a definite that some of these tracks are going to appear on a SUBCON podcast. Surprise dope emcees coming up is what keeps me doing this! Aramis' flow . The Chrono Trigger track! The whole albums hot, but Chrono Trigger man! Aramis lays it down smooth, and does that Mitsuda based beat the justice it deserves. Didn't know how much I needed more Chrono Trigger rap. Get this one.

Virtuoso is Aramis’ third studio album that boasts a distinctly different feel from his previous work. Aramis shows his versatility by spitting over a mix of newer-style trap beats, as well as his usual boom-bap. he does this, while at the same time maintaining his lyrical integrity. Virtuoso is mostly a fun album, but there are some hidden deep within.

released April 25, 2017

Artwork: Danny Griffith of Green Mitten - www.green-mitten.com
Recording Engineer: Aramis
Mixing Engineer: Aramis
Mastering Engineer: Aramis
— Aramis