Hip hop duo Mikal kHill & Int80 are: The TroubleShooters

I did not know about this when it dropped. Int80, one half of one of my favorite hip hip duo's Dual Core, teams up with Mikal kHill for this dope EP. A dozen minutes of dope rhymes and old school beats. Got some crunchy drums, grunged up guitars layered with fire on those vocals. Would leave to see that closing track 'shutdown -h now" live one day. I have seen Dual Core live a few times, and I'm sure that would be epic.

“The TroubleShooters started like all other music projects for me: Emails are exchanged, beats are uploaded, lyrics are written, etc. But then we took a slightly different approach of hopping on Hangouts to discuss song ideas and composition. We also simultaneously wrote lyrics in shared docs so that we could play off the other person’s parts. This gave TroubleShooters a more cohesive feel in creating the music. To complete the project, I flew to Mikal’s house in the mountains of North Carolina and we spent hours in his frigid basement recording and creating new songs. There I was wearing all my layers of clothes from my suitcase, clutching my laptop’s power supply trying to stay warm; while Mikal was in a t-shirt and khakis drinking a Juan Collins like he was on vacation. Truly, this EP nearly drove me to insanity.” -int80

”There was a point one night after we had finished tracking vocals that we decided to play Tecmo Bowl for NES. I was incredibly hammered and never figured out how to pass and 80 beat me... his score was in excess of 100 points and mine was zero.” -kHill

released April 11, 2017

All vocals by int80 and Mikal kHill.
Outro on “Dull Futility” & all turntable cuts by c64.
Beats by Mikal kHill.
Post-production, mixing, and mastering by cecilnick of Autocorrect.
Cover art by Maria Morales.
— The TroubleShooters