'Virtuoso,' smooth nerdcore hip hop from Aramis

'Virtuoso,' smooth nerdcore hip hop from Aramis

Some eclectic rhymes by Aramis on his latest album. It's a definite that some of these tracks are going to appear on a SUBCON podcast. Surprise dope emcees coming up is what keeps me doing this! Aramis' flow . The Chrono Trigger track! The whole albums hot, but Chrono Trigger man! Aramis lays it down smooth, and does that Mitsuda based beat the justice it deserves. Didn't know how much I needed more Chrono Trigger rap. Get this one.

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A collection of animation inspired hip hop and more in Nerdcore Absolution Volume 3

Geek E. Inc brings us 10 tracks from a dozen hip hop artists, all in tribute to classic animated shows like Dragon Ball Z, Hey, Arnold, Reboot, and more. This compilation features some talented emcees such as Tekforce, Shubzilla, Ultraklystron and many more. Grab the full, ten track collection for $9, and grab the bonus deluxe songs while you are there too. 

Nerdcore Absolution Volume 3 is the 3rd album in a series of Nerdcore Hip Hop albums. First track debuts May 3rd. Get ready for the best songs you’ve heard. Artists on the album include TekForce, Ish1da, Kadesh Flow, SkyBlew, Shubzilla, Aramis, Wreck The System, Ultraklystron, and Eye Q. Get your copy today.
— Geek E. Inc Productions