2 Mello's latest collection of laid back hip hop beats, midnight broadcasts vol. 2

2 Mello is back with the follow up to his original follow up to an album of eclectic but laid back hip hop beats. For the late nighters among us, and those suffering from a long, hot day, midnight broadcasts is for you. Plus you can learn how to make some proper mixed drinks. Thanks Mello. Now to get hyped for the eventual Vol. 3. Don't go numbering them if you don't want me expecting sequels!

I made this series of albums as a tribute to the jazzy music expertly selected to accompany Adult Swim late-night bumps, especially those between 2004 and 2008. This is the second volume.

This time I dug even deeper into the crates, finding spoken-word tracks, impossibly lively guitars, spacey saxophones, freezing pianos and the warm, thoughtful jazz samples you’re accustomed to.

The MNBC series is a visual project, too. Each track has a “bump” image I made to represent its sound. The download and song file metadata includes these pictures, and I definitely recommend looking at them while listening.

Please check out Adult Swim bumps at www.bumpworthy.com

Finally, this album and its physical release was made possible by 48 Kickstarter backers...
— 2 Mello